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General Weighted Blanket Questions

What is a weighted blanket?

Just as the name suggests, a weighted blanket is a blanket that has a little more weight than a typical blanket. Sizes and weights can range; smaller, lighter blankets for children can weigh as little as five pounds, while larger blankets can weigh 25 pounds or more. The weighted element of the blanket usually comes in the form of tiny pellets made out of plastic or glass that are pocketed into the blanket. The added weight is purported to have therapeutic properties that calm anxiety, ease insomnia, reduce stress, improve sleep, and encourage a more relaxed mood

Although their popularity appears to have exploded recently, weighted blankets have actually been around for decades in the medical community. Originally used to treat anxiety and autism spectrum disorders, it was noted that a heavier blanket often calmed patients and helped them sleep more soundly. Over the last few years, thanks to the wonder and power of the internet, these therapeutic tools have made their way into the mainstream. Access to weighted blankets has increased and more and more people outside the medical community are employing them in their day-to-day life, seeking relief from everyday stress, insomnia, and even PTSD.

A standard weighted blanket resembles a regular comforter, but is crafted in such a way that the quilted pattern of the comforter can be filled with tiny pellets of plastic or glass to give it added weight. The benefit of this construction is twofold: It creates an even distribution of the weight across the entire blanket by preventing “pooling” of the weighted element and allows the beads to contour to the body, creating a hug like sensation that is calming without being restrictive. This calming pressure is also used in other weighted products, like weighted vests for young children to help them stay focused, or pet products designed to keep animals calm during thunderstorms or loud fireworks.