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N.o.w. tone therapy system by solu

A simple, minimal meditative experience unlike anything else. These palm sized speakers work in dual harmony, to help calm your mind and provide a quiet, grounding moment.

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It's the details that count.


Providing a profound meditative experience in 3 minutes, the n.o.w. Tone Therapy Speakers are easy to fit into your day, no matter how busy you are.

Twice a day, press both speakers on, close your eyes, and let the tones wash over you. The sounds are beautiful but always different, helping your mind stay focused. After the 3-minute meditation, the speakers automatically shut off, leaving you to go about your day feeling refreshed and grounded.

See the reviews below to hear how these unassuming speakers have been used to improve sleep disorders, lower blood pressure, reduce the need for medications, and manage PTSD and anxiety. For more information on their patent-pending New Origin Waveform tones, read our interview with co-founder Michael Joly here.

Try it out for yourself here. The actual speakers will create a unique sound every time.

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Materials & Details

Black chrome, with lithium-Ion battery.


The speakers hold a charge for at least 60 sessions. Charge once a month or as needed, using the enclosed USB cables; light will turn off when complete. Polishing cloth included.

How It Works

The speakers are designed to always be played together, creating a soothing sense of wholeness. You can never do it wrong; you can start one speaker first and then the other, or start them at the same time. The Tones can be placed close together for a more unified experience or farther apart for a more open feeling. Just keep them close enough to you so that you can hear them both.

For more information on their patent-pending New Origin Waveform tones, read more here. For more about the n.o.w. Tone Therapy speakers and how to use them, please see our F.A.Q

People Are Saying

Dream and Tell

"Positively Impacts my sleep"

I love these little magical speakers! They're so relaxing to listen to and have very clear beautiful sound. They're heavy and well made, I love how I can feel the vibrations when I hold them or set them on my body. I would highly recommend these.

Heather H.


I love these. To take 3 minutes with these is delightful. When clients come in, it has been an added accessory to enhance the benefit of visiting. The quality is as expected and the weight is substantial. VERY happy with my purchase!

Terry S.

"So helpful for meditation"

We love these, I use them during the workday when I start to feel stressed, they calm me down immediately, and are also so good before bed, when I'm lying in bed!

Elizabeth G.

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