How do I layer a weighted blanket with my other bedding?

Baloo's Weighted Blankets are designed to add weight, but not warmth, so that you can use them year-round, in any climate. The cotton exterior feels cool and crisp, and the 100% cotton interior and glass microbeads allow air to flow freely without trapping heat. As such they are a welcome addition to your already existing bedding.

We recommend laying your Baloo on top of the sheets, but under your comforter or other blankets. This keeps your weighted blanket close to your body and also allows you to easily add or remove layers as needed for warmth. But it's really a matter of personal preference and what feels the most comfortable to you!

A note about size: Our Weighted Blankets are traditionally sized to rest just on TOP of your bed, without much overhang. However, if you'd prefer something larger that drapes over the edge of the bed and looks more like regular bedding, we also offer our unique Weighted Comforter size.  For more about our the difference between our Weighted Blankets and Weighted Comforters, please see our FAQ here