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Amazing sleep mask!!!

I recently purchased this sleep mask from Baloo because I am an anxious airplane flyer. Not only did it help ease my anxiety on the 20 hour flight, it also helped provide me with the most restful sleep I remember ever having while flying. It’s incredibly comfortable and soothing to wear and the crystal is a lovely bonus. Highly recommend!!

Best Sleep Mask I Have Ever Used

This is the most comfortable sleep mask I have ever used. It's like a soft and light little pillow that gently sits over your eyes. It keeps the light out, feels comfortable and is very nice looking. What more do you want? The crystals are really nice and smooth and you feel like you're putting a little bit of magic into the mask to get you through the night. Highly recommend. :-)

99% there...

Love the size/shape and fit of this but WHY would you not make it from washable silk? A natural fiber that also doubles as skin rejuvenating, puffiness and wrinkles. Makes you look more well rested. PLEASE PLEASE come out with a silk version of this. I'll buy 2 and give them to all my loved ones!!

Completely changed the quality of my sleep

I have never slept so deeply in my life. I can't sleep without this blanket! The size makes it easy to use on the couch or on top of the bed when just hanging out or reading or layering in between my sheets and comforter when it's time for bed! It also has a luxurious design and feel to it.

My new favorite sleep mask!

Not only is this mask incredibly soft, it blocks out ALL light and the velcro allows me to comfortably adjust the mask to fit my head so it doesn't fall off throughout the night. I'm sensitive to noise while I sleep so the fact that it fully covers my ears is a great bonus. The crystals are such a fun addition to the mask. I love rotating between the 3 depending on how I'm feeling that night!

Amazing Sleep Mask

My wife is a very light sleeper. The slightest light from the window wakes her up. This mask is a Godsend. It is soooo soft!!! She drifts away as soon as she puts the mask on :) And stones - one of those why didn't I think about it kinda feel. Once you use it you'll never go back to the other masks. Love you Baloo for coming up with such an amazing product.

So soothing!

I love the way this mask feels. It's soft, cushiony, doesn't extend too far over my face. I work from home so when I need a rest, I get under my Baloo and wear this mask and set my timer for 20 minutes. It's a wonderful escape, especially when I'm feeling anxious!

By far the most comfortable face mask I have ever worn.

As already mentioned in the title, this face mask is super, super comfortable & does not itch - which has been a problem with other face masks for me. A bonus are the crystals, which change everything:-).

Love this blanket!

I have been trying to sleep with a weighted blanket for some time, but the one I had purchased was loud (beads moving around/pooling) and very hard to manage - on top of being hot. When I read about the Baloo, I was skeptical b/c it didn't look like any weighted blanket I've seen before and seemed far too thin to provide the experience I was looking for. That said, I couldn't be happier with my new blanket! It is like a gentle hug! It is easy to manage, quiet, soft and just all-around wonderful. I've even had friends jump in to my bed to try it - lol.

Exceeded my expectations

I was on the fence about buying this for my husband for months. (He has had issues with sleep his whole life.) I finally bought one for him as a gift after our dog passed away, and it helped him SO much getting through the grief process, and now he pulls out the blanket on nights when he can’t fall asleep or is feeling really stressed. It’s very comforting to him and I’m so thankful it works! He says it helps him fall asleep, and although he still usually wakes up in the night, it helps him fall back asleep. He also really likes the material and the distribution of the weights. It doesn’t make him feel overheated or oppressed (which is a big deal for him bc he gets sleep hallucinations if he overheats). I’d definitely recommend this blanket for anyone who struggles with insomnia or stress related sleep issues.. or even just for someone going through a hard time. It’s a wonderful tool! (By the way we have had this blanket for about a year and a half now, and it has held up great!)

A lovely blanket

My daughter gave me this weighted blanket and I like it very much. A great product!

It takes two

I exchanged the queen for a twin because my husband did not like it. The twin covers part of his side so it ends up on the floor on my side. I like the comfort of it but not the disruption of trying to lift it back on me in the middle of the night. The linen duvet cover iis very nice

Amazing Product!

I could not be happier with my purchase of the 20lb weighted blanket as a Christmas present for my boyfriend. He’s dealt with chronic stress-related insomnia for 15+ years and nothing has helped until now. He sleeps deeply through the night with this blanket and can even take naps during the day, a prior impossibility! So happy I took the leap on this. The duvet cover and shams I purchased alongside it are excellent quality; they’re so soft and blend seamlessly with our bedroom decor. When I’ve tried the blanket, I sleep like a rock too :)
Thank you so much!

How can I ever travel again?

So attached to my blanket now, but how can I travel unless hotels maintain a supply? Such an aid to goodwill knowing that wherever I go therll be a baloo blanket waiting in my room xx

It is beautiful

It is beautiful and very soft. I am a little disappointed. My 15lb baloo blanket has 8 loops for a duvet. I have had the blanket for a while. I've been waiting to get their duvet. It's disappointing that their duvet only has 6 loops. The top of the blanket sags terribly when trying to snuggle up to it. It is only secured by the corners. I should have read the description better. It clearly states in the description that it only has 6. I just assumed it would have enough ties to fasten it to the loops on their own blanket. I still love my blanket. The duvet is still very nice.

Love Love Love

This was a great purchase as I looked at several weighted blankets. The weight is perfect and will remain on my bed for years!

Too small

I bought this blanket in the queen/full size, but it's way too small for my queen bed. I'm well past the point of the 30-day return guarantee, so I can't return for a bigger size. For those considering a weighted blanket from Baloo, I recommend sizing up, especially if you sleep next to a partner.

Great Blanket

Perfect blanket for soothing tired muscles and relaxing. I love it.

Queen weighted blanket

Great quality blanket. I received this as a Christmas gift to replace our current bed blanket. So far I've enjoyed the weight on my shoulders and legs.

great comfort

I have trouble sleeping and turning off my brain to relax during the night, so I was gifted this during the holidays. This has already provided comfort and calmness as I rest.

Queen Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket

Really nice quality blanket. I received this as a gift, intended to help relieve restless leg symptoms. It does seem to help. I was hoping to sleep with it nightly, but the blanket can feel too heavy for prolonged use in certain positions.

We love this!

Absolutely love this blanket! Perfect and exactly what we wanted! Appreciate the Baloo company and their ways of giving back to the world and the environment!

Bulk Order 15 or 20 LBS · Queen/Full Fit · Cool Cotton · Eco-Friendly Weighted Blanket
How do You determine what weight to use in your weighted Blanket? ( 15 or 20 pounds)

How do You determine what weight to use in your weighted Blanket? ( 15 or 20 pounds)

Sleeping has been great since I've been using this blanket!

I love this blanket! The fabric is smooth and cool to the touch. It feels like a high quality cotton. I have been sleeping great since I started using it.

Very high quality blanket!

Workmanship is outstanding! I had been looking at weighted blankets at BB&B and didnt think much of them but after reading reviews on this one and seeing their return policy I decided to give it a try. I love it, I love the tiny glass beads instead of oversized plastic ones. Its a delight to sleep with! 2nd review- It's very hard to keep on the bed!