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General Weighted Blanket Questions

How do I use a weighted blanket?

There isn’t really one “right” way to use a weighted blanket, you can use it overnight while sleeping, during the day while laying down or seated, and weight-permitting, it can even be wrapped around your shoulders while standing. What determines how you use it depends on what kind of outcome you’re looking to get from the blanket.

We know that weighted blankets administer deep touch pressure to the body, which sets off a number of positive activities in our brain, releasing mood-boosting serotonin, while lowering our heart rate, among other great perks that can lead to better sleep.

But what if you don’t suffer from a diagnosed anxiety or stress disorder? A weighted blanket could still be a rich addition to your relaxation routine. Weighted blankets can increase relaxation and mood, help promote more restful sleep, and destress naturally, just by using it while relaxing on the couch or reading a book.

Insomniacs will most likely use this blanket as a sleep aid in bed, but to be in need of a better night’s sleep you don’t necessarily have to suffer from insomnia. For anyone who struggles with sleeping a full, uninterrupted night, whether it’s thanks to high stress levels, or your mind racing a mile a minute once you hit the sack, or anxiety that keeps you awake, sleeping under a little extra weight can curtail and alleviate any number of sleep issues.

That being said, using a more therapeutic weighted blanket in place of a comforter is by no means the sole purpose of weighted blankets. They have just as many, if not more applications during waking hours. The calming and grounding power of a weighted blanket has the ability to soothe all kinds of afflictions. Wrapping a weighted blanket around you during a panic attack can act as a real mollifying device, as you feel the weight of the blanket like the gentle touch of a friend.

Many people incorporate weighted blankets into their daily lives to combat stress, as a part of healthy meditation. If you’re a nervous traveler, have trouble sleeping in strange places, or like to bring something familiar with you on the road, a weighted blanket is like taking a little natural travel-therapy with you, for a quick shot of some calming hormones and a warming embrace.