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General Weighted Blanket Questions

How do weighted blankets benefit senior citizens?

There’s no denying that several physiological and psychological changes occur in the body as we age. Undoubtedly, the elderly are the most affected individuals by such changes, and weighted blankets might prove to be a solution for a number of common issues they face. Let’s explore some of the reported benefits of weighted blankets for seniors.


According to a study by John Hopkins University, more than 10 percent of individuals aged between 55 and 85 years experience some form of anxiety. In addition to the typical angst that can occur with aging, health conditions such as forms of dementia like Alzheimer’s can cause anxiety to surge.

Research published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine reported that both adults and children of all ages who use weighted blankets suffer less stress and anxiety overall. The application of pressure incites a calming, relaxing effect that results in less feelings of apprehension.

Improve Overall Sleep Quality

Sleep is one of the most important elements of good health regardless of age, but it’s particularly essential for seniors. A healthy sleep environment involves comfortable temperatures and a stress-free environment. Because weighted blankets gently hug the body, the light pressure encourages relaxation and serotonin production. Ultimately, this process converts to sleep-inducing melatonin that lets the brain and body know it’s time to rest.

Fighting Depression with Weighted Blankets

While depression can burden one at any age, studies repeatedly indicate that it’s a common condition among the elderly. Most typically, this could be due to passing of a partner, health declines, lessened mobility, insomnia or a lack of strong social connections.

The earlier studies show that a weighted blanket helps alleviate anxiety, stress and insomnia which are known precursors to depression. Before even considering over-the-counter medicines or prescription sleep aids, give a weighted blanket for depression a try and you might be surprised at how much better you feel emotionally and physically.

Restless Leg Syndrome Relief

Speaking of feeling better physically, more than three million American have restless leg syndrome with it more commonly present in elderly persons. This pins and needles sensation can happen anytime but most often at nighttime. Weighted blankets place deep pressure on the legs which helps many people’s muscles relax to pass the incidents of RLS.

Can Weighted Blankets Help Manage Alzheimer’s Symptoms?

The studies are looking very positive concerning the efficacy of relieving Alzheimer’s symptoms with weighted blanket use. That being said, Alzheimer’s patients often suffer from symptoms such as insomnia, depression and anxiety which can worsen the signs and speed progression of the disease. For this reason, many caregivers and family members help their loved ones with the condition feel more comfortable and at ease with weighted blankets.