Sleep & Lounge Accessories

Thoughtfully curated for when the person you most want to spend time with, is you.
Thoughtfully curated for when the person you most want to spend time with, is you.

Value Propositions

  • Cool & Breathable

    Heavy, Not Hot

  • Natural Materials

    Synthetic Free

  • Lifetime Quality


  • Deep Sleep

    Cool and Breathable

  • Carbon Neutral

    And Ocean Positive

  • A woman with brown hair asleep on a pillow wearing a grey silk sleep mask [44377020793051]

    Weighted Silk Sleep Stone Mask

    Original Price: Current Price: $74.00
    Good-for-your-skin Mulberry silk and weighted for deeper sleep, with a hidden crystal sewn to rest above your third eye.
    Available colors include:
    • Grey with Amethyst Crystal
    • Petal with Rose Quartz Crystal
  • The silk sleep mask in front of a plain background with four crystals in front.

    Sleep Stone Mask

    From $68.00
    Block light for sweet dreams with the Mulberry silk mask with a hidden crystal over your third eye!
    Product Options Include:
    • 5 Crystals
  • A set of shiny new solu meditation speakers.

    n.o.w. by solu Meditation Speakers

    Original Price: Current Price: $179.00
    Create a mindfulness habit with just 3 minutes a day.
    Product Options Include:
    • 1 Title
  • Gray cotton slippers [43579501084891, 43579501117659, 43579501150427, 43579501183195]
    Price Drop

    Cloud Bootie

    Original Price: $78.00 Current Price: $64.99
    Comfort you can slip on for lounging, sleepwalking, or just kicking your feet up.
    Available colors include:
    • Grey
    • Black
    Product Options Include:
    • 4 Sizes
  • Bottle of Baloo Pillow mist in a frosted glass next to the blue product box.

    Pillow Mist

    Original Price: Current Price: $18.00
    Going to bed feels like a trip to the spa with this blend of relaxing essential oils.
    Product Options Include:
    • 1 Title
  • A small folded lap blanket in blue on a white background. [43580656713947]

    Daydreamer Weighted Lap Blanket

    Original Price: $0.00 Current Price: $88.00
    Small and compact for calm, grounding support at work, travel, and home.
    Available colors include:
    • Luna Blue
    • Silver Sage