Why are weighted blankets more expensive than regular bedding?

Like all bedding, when it comes to the weighted blankets on the market, there is a wide price range. There is good reason for this; it comes down to the materials, the workmanship, and even the priorities and customer service of the companies. Plastic pellets are much cheaper than glass beads; polyester batting is less expensive than 100% cotton. Chemical-free certifications, careful stitching and construction (ensuring that the glass microbeads are evenly and securely distributed), extra-soft premium cotton, and fair labor practices all go into the production cost. The size and weight have a dramatic impact on this as well. 

Baloo Living is an American company founded on the principals of respect for our bodies, our communities, and our planet. Inspired by the bodies' innate healing abilities and natural balance, we place a premium on selecting only the highest quality materials. When it comes to something as important as our physical and mental health, and as personal as sleep, we believe our bedding should be made with only the best.

A quick comparison to products on the market will show that most quality weighted blankets will start in the lower $100s and can go up to $250 and more. There are so many factors when researching which weighted blanket is best for you and your needs, but remember to read thoroughly before buying; some blankets aren’t machine-washable, and many brands that are advertised as "100% cotton" are actually filled with polyester batting, which is hotter and less breathable than cotton. 

Even though a brand might appear to have a heftier price tag at first, it could end up being a better investment in the long run. At Baloo, we guarantee our quality and workmanship, so you can plan on buying a weighted blanket once, to last you as long as you need.