Baloo is planting a tree with every order this Earth Month

As part of our long-term commitment to sustainability, we are also proud to announce a new partnership with to restore coastal ecosystems—like mangrove and kelp forests—which remove 5-10x more carbon than a rainforest!

Baloo is now carbon neutral and Ocean Positive, paying it forward by offsetting one ton of carbon for each ton that we wipe out. 

Mangrove tree

Baloo is planting a tree with every order this Earth Month. When you order, you can choose which tree-planting project to support:
    ● Restore kelp forests in Southern California
    ● Mangrove reforestation in Indonesia
    ● Mangrove reforestation in Kenya
    Look for an email after you order to let us know!


    Did you know? Every 10 mangrove trees planted:

    • Sequester more than 3 metric tons of carbon dioxide,
    • Provide critical nursery grounds for fish and shellfish to increase marine productivity,
    • Create a half-day of living-wage employment for local community members,
    • Provide resources for local education, 
    • And protect local villages from storm surges and sea-level rise. 
    Baloo is "ocean positive" by removing an additional one ton of CO2 for each ton of carbon that we emit as a company. Together we can speed up the Earth's natural healing mechanisms to repair our planet in real-time while supporting our communities & endangered species. This is our commitment for Earth Month, and every month. 

    Learn more about SeaTrees and the innovative work they are doing to help heal our planet at


    By utilizing the ocean's profound power to help heal human impacts from climate change, SeaTrees plants mangrove trees in order to sequester CO2 from the air. Blue-carbon coastal ecosystems — like mangrove forests — are 5-10x more effective than a rainforest at removing carbon from the air.

    Mangrove with SeaTrees SeaTrees has planted over 250,000 mangrove trees in Biak Island, Indonesia, employing 55 families in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
    SeaTrees leads the world's largest & most innovative kelp restoration project in Palos Verdes, California. Kelp Tree with SeaTrees
    Ridge to WaterShed Project with SeaTrees Ridge to Reef watershed conservation in the Southern Cardamom, Cambodia conserves the largest remaining coastal forest and mangrove ecosystem in the Gulf of Thailand, and provides jobs for over 1,000 families.