Weighted Blanket for Insomnia

Weighted Blanket for Insomnia

Find the Perfect Weighted Blanket for Insomnia at Baloo Living

If you are in the know, you may have already heard about the benefits of a weighted-blanket, and how it has the magic ability to transform your sleeping habits from irregular and restless at best into a dream-filled slumber.

Weighted blankets have many applications, including easing insomnia, pacifying anxiety, and creating a sense of general relaxation. Your spirit might’ve perked at the thought of a peaceful night’s sleep upon reading those words, so we’re here to guide you on how select a weighted blanket for insomnia so you can finally put an end to sleepless nights.

Deep Touch Pressure: The Scientific Mechanism Behind a Weighted Blanket Insomnia

Weighted blankets gently apply soft, even pressure, which provides Deep Touch Pressure, commonly abbreviated as DTP.  

It’s not just a coincidence that weighted blankets create so many positive effects in our lives and sleeping patterns; the DTP produced by these blankets calms your nerves and brain activity, therefore creating a soothing wave of peace to wash over you.

With a weighted blanket, insomnia and other sleeping issues may be relieved, and as the DTP takes effect and begins to slow many high-energy functions of your body, prompting a relaxed heart rate and deep breathing, you should fall asleep more comfortably.

When you sleep wrapped in a weighted blanket, you might feel as if you are being embraced in a warm hug. With the blanket covering you and evenly distributed over your body, the sensation of being swaddled comes to mind.

Imagine an upset child needing to be hugged and comforted to calm down; we as adults can experience that same cozy feeling under the embrace of a weighted blanket.

Many of the effects of weighted blankets are created by cueing your body to produce high levels of the hormone serotonin, which is a direct product of DTP. Serotonin is responsible for regulating your mood as well as certain brain functions, while also decreasing the rate of nervous system activity. Serotonin is often known as one of the “happy hormones.”

How Can a Weighted Blanket for Anxiety and Insomnia Improve Your Sleep?

By incorporating a simple weighted blanket for anxiety and insomnia into your nighttime routine, you can change and improve on your sleep in numerous ways. As mentioned earlier, weighted blankets have been shown to trigger the production of serotonin, which significantly impacts feelings of tranquility and an overall peaceful mood.

Because of the boost in serotonin, a weighted blanket also indirectly activates the release of melatonin, a key hormone that regulates our sleep/wake cycles. This increased production of serotonin and melatonin together encourages our bodies to rest and disconnect, ready for sleep.

Unfortunately, in the fast-paced and ever connected world we live in today, our regular melatonin levels can fluctuate unnaturally because of stimulation from artificial light far past the setting of the sun, or from blue light rays emitted from our screens and devices.

Any stress, fear, or worry we may be experiencing can activate the hypothalamus and suppress the natural release of melatonin, causing us to remain alert, rather than our bodies easing into sleep mode.

Using a weighted blanket will help your body adopt a more regular and reliable sleeping schedule, and should ease the strain of insomnia, encouraging your body to give in to sleep. As you start to sleep more routinely and naturally, your overall health can improve greatly, and you might even notice a general carefree yet composed feeling in your day to day life as brought on by more rest.

Keep in mind that weighted blankets are heavier than regular blankets by design. Many people find that when using a weighted blanket they toss and turn less during the night, sleeping more deeply and peacefully than when sleeping without a weighted blanket.

According to the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, insomnia patients who use weighted blankets are more likely to sleep more comfortably when compared to those sleeping with just normal blankets. In line with this research, patients with insomnia find their symptoms reduced and alleviated through the continued aid of a weighted blanket.

How to Select the Best Weighted Blanket

If you are struggling with insomnia and trying to find a way to treat your symptoms, many doctors and therapists recommend trying a weighted blanket, especially as a natural, less invasive alternative to medications. Before you dive right in and buy, there are a few factors to consider when picking the right weighted blanket for you.

The most important consideration is your weight. The general rule of thumb is to choose a blanket equal to eight to twelve percent of your body weight. For instance, those who weigh between 120 and 185 pounds should probably select a 15 pound blanket.

And for those weighing 165 to 250 pounds, a 20 pound blanket is more suitable. You might notice some overlap, for those who weight between 165 and 185 pounds, as the guide gives you a bit of wiggle room when deciding which size is better for you, and allows for your own personal preference as well.

There are secondary factors that you should take into account when choosing the ideal weight for you. Your sleeping position is one; so, if you sleep on you back or stomach, you can handle the heavier, 20 lb blanket, while if you’re a so called “side sleeper,” a 15 lb blanket may be the better choice for you. Another issue to think about is if you experience any joint pains or aches, namely in your back, knees, or hips, then the lighter, 15 lb blanket might be more fitting.

And don’t forget about the filling inside the blanket, which is the essence of weighted blankets and can completely change your whole experience when using one. There are many companies out there who use plastic polypellet filling to give weight to their blankets.

Unfortunately, some users complain that these plastic beads make noise as they move inside the blanket, and at times don’t distribute evenly, so you don’t get the full benefits of the blanket and are distracted by noise.

Plastic itself is also well known as a harmful substance to the environment. However, alternatives do exist, in the form of very fine glass microbeads. This provides a much quieter, non-toxic filling.

At Baloo, we are one of the only brands to fill our weighted blankets with lab tested, lead-free glass microbeads. This makes for barely-noticeable, silent beads, and means we can provide you with an improved, more comfortable experience overall because our beads are finer and contour better to your body, while being free of synthetic materials.

A third factor that might not occur to you immediately, but is also critical, is ease of maintenance. Baloo's weighted blankets are machine washable and dryer safe, meaning cleaning is a piece of cake, and also very friendly on your wallet. Some brands recommend commercial dry cleaning which can get expensive. Here at Baloo, we make it as easy and economical for you as possible.

Last but not least, to get the most out of your weighted blanket, you should choose quality fabrics. Natural cotton or bamboo is more breathable than synthetic fabrics are.

At Baloo, our goal is to create the best possible environment to encourage your body and mind to relax, so we use soft, premium, chemical-free certified cotton which is light enough to be used year round and keep you feeling cool and cozy.

Weighted Blankets for a Good Night’s Sleep by Baloo Living

At Baloo Living, we have thoughtfully and intentionally designed our weighted blankets to offer you the most functional and enjoyable experience, and our blankets have been recognized by New York Magazine, Forbes, and O Magazine, among others, as one of the best brands on the market to transform your nights and turn stress into calm.

We offer weighted blankets in three weights to cater to all needs, in 12 lbs, 15 lbs, and 20 lbs, ranging in size from 42 by 72 inches, ideal for lounging on the couch or sleeping in a twin bed, to 60 by 80 inches, which is perfect for a full or queen size bed.

Baloo is dedicated to the environment and our customer, using premium cotton on the outside and lab tested, lead-free glass microbeads inside.

Baloo's blankets, in both "mini" size and queen size, are made with a careful, quilted stitch pattern that’s simple yet attractive. The pattern is designed to hold the microbeads securely in place, ensuring that the weight remains evenly distributed over your whole body. We have created our blankets to fit on the top of your bed without any overhang, so the blanket stays in place without slipping off the edge and onto the floor.

In addition to our weighted blanket, we offer deluxe linen duvet covers, made of 100% French linen, which are easily removable and washable, even getting softer after each wash (!). A duvet cover makes the care and cleaning of our weighted blankets even easier, and lets you personalize your blanket with one of our six tempting colors: dove grey, oatmeal, charcoal, navy, blush pink, and white.

A Last Word on Weighted Blankets

Many Baloo Living customers who suffered from insomnia have reported an improvement in sleep, even within just one week of using our weighted blankets.

While we can't promise a cure-all, we can’t deny the strong evidence that weighted blankets for insomnia can make a meaningful difference in your relationship to sleep, and we’re thrilled about the people we’ve already helped and hopeful to help many more find their happy, restful place.

Written by Courtney Moore. Courtney is a freelance writer who focuses on culture, food, and design. When she's not in her adopted town of Barcelona, you'll probably find her getting her fill of Tex-Mex and BBQ back home in Texas.