How to use and adjust to your new Baloo weighted blanket

Your new weighted blanket may feel surprisingly heavy when it arrives. That's normal!

  • Start by using your Baloo on your lower body for the first few nights, then raise it up to your chest.
  • You can also try using it for small increments of time on the sofa at first.
  • Give yourself one or two weeks to adjust to the new sensation.
  • Over time, your body will adjust to the feeling of the added weight while you sleep. You'll continue to receive the benefits, even when you stop noticing the weight.

We offer a 30-day window for returns and exchanges, to give you time to really experience the effect of sleeping with a Baloo weighted blanket. 

Using your Baloo with your other bedding

Because our blankets are designed to add weight, and not warmth, we generally recommend using your Baloo as an additional layer with your existing bedding.

We suggest layering it above your top sheet if you use one, but underneath any other comforter or blanket that you use for warmth. This can also allow you to easily adjust the temperature by removing your other blankets if needed.

Cleaning Instructions

Baloo weighted blankets are safe for the washing machine and dryer. We recommend washing the blanket by itself, using cold water on the gentle cycle and drying on low heat. Please wash one blanket at a time. For additional information about the vegetable-dyed Weighted Blankets, please see below.

Due to the variety of washing machines on the market, please check your model for its specific capacity before washing your blanket. We recommend taking the king size blanket and all weighted comforter sizes to a commercial washer.

Our blankets dry surprisingly quickly, so they don't need a long dryer cycle; we suggest checking on them after 20 minutes. Please do not dry clean or iron, as it will damage the blanket. We do not recommend using bleach.

Our linen duvet covers and pillowcases are machine washable on cold and dryer safe. These premium 100% French linen duvets will become even softer with every wash.

Our Sleep Stone Mask is made of washable silk. Hand wash in cold water, and lay flat to dry.

The Cloud Booties should be spot-cleaned only and air-dried. Please do not wash or dry in a washing machine or dryer. The Cloud Booties are designed for indoor use only. 

Caring for Your Vegetable-Dyed Weighted Blanket

Baloo's Mini Weighted Blanket and Weighted Throw are dyed with 100% natural plant-based materials, using elements sourced directly from nature. One of the qualities of natural dyes is that they change over time.

  • Some color change and fading with use & washing is normal and to be expected, as a natural characteristic of the vegetable dyes used.
  • For the first few washes, please wash on its own, using a gentle detergent and cold water, to help preserve the natural color. After the first few washes, launder with similar colors.
  • Dry with low heat. Our blankets dry surprising quickly, so check on them after 15-20 minutes so as not to overheat.
  • The use of spot stain treatments may alter the dye color. For stains, try soaking the blanket in cool water with some gentle detergent added, before washing.

Which side of the Weighted Comforter is the "top?"

Though larger in size overall, the weighted area of our comforters is very similar to that of our weighted blankets. We center the weighted glass beads only in the area that rests on top of the bed, since that's where you will actually feel the sensation on your body. The benefit of this design is that there's less weight pulling off the edge of your bed, and less excess weight overall.

Because of the unique design of our Weighted Comforter, the weighted area is actually asymmetrical. There is one side that is weighted all the way to the edge, which is designed to lie at the head of the bed, where it will cover your body while you sleep. The other three sides are filled only with cotton batting, and are meant to go along the sides and foot of the bed.

We indicate this weighted edge with small white tags that are sewn into the very top seam:

The small white tags show that this is the side that should be placed at the head of your bed, near your pillows.

Attaching a duvet cover to your weighted blanket

  • Turn the cover inside out
  • Arrange the cover flat on top of the blanket
  • Tie each of the loops tightly onto the cover
  • Starting at the open end of the outer cover, pull the cover right side out, and bring the blanket along
  • Once the cover is right side out, the blanket should be aligned inside.
  • Button the closure and take a rest, you earned it!

duvet cover instructions

Using the n.o.w. Tone Therapy by Solu Meditation Speakers

A simple, minimal meditative experience unlike anything else, the palm-sized n.o.w. Tone Therapy speakers work in dual harmony, to help calm your mind and provide a quiet, grounding moment.


Why does the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System by solu play for only 3 minutes per session?

The Tones were designed to offer quick access to peace and calm, giving you the benefit of 30 minutes of meditation in just a few minutes. The greatest benefit also comes by using the Tones regularly, which is much easier with such a small time commitment. Three minutes is all you need, but if you want to play them again afterwards, just wait until the blue light turns off and then hit the power button again.

Tell me more about the tone sequences.

Each 3-minute sequence actually offers a beginning, middle, and end. The tones were created by the co-founder of Solu, Michael Joly, on analog instruments he designed, playing with a purposeful sense of openness and lack of intentionality to keep every sequence free from melody. Each speaker plays a different sequence each time, so the overall experience is always new, but familiar. 

The speakers are designed to always be played together. This creates a unified sound field, and a soothing sense of wholeness. You can never do it wrong; you can start one speaker first and then the other, or start them at the same time.

There is a natural interplay that occurs between the two speakers, which creates the full immersive experience and an unexpected variety of patterns. This is intentional, because it means that the mind cannot become trained to anticipate what's next; instead, it is encouraged to be in the present moment, experiencing each session as a new and unique experience. 

How do I use the n.o.w. Tone Therapy speakers?

The best way to experience the benefit is to use them twice a day, three minutes per cycle, for two weeks. Start with just three days in a row, to see how that feels.

You can use them as often as you want; there is no "too often." The speakers each have a small ON button on the bottom. Press this button, and after a small delay, it will begin to play. You can start them both at the same time, or one after the other.

There are three volume settings. When you first turn them on, they automatically start at the lowest setting. Hit the "Vol+" button once or twice for a higher/highest volume setting. If you tap it again it will go back down to the lowest setting. If it's too loud at the lowest setting, you can wrap it in a piece of fabric, a towel, or put it under a blanket.

The Tones can be placed close together for a more unified experience (for more of a sense of "oneness") or farther apart for a more open experience. Just keep them close enough to you so that you can hear them both.

If you want to feel the vibrations physically, you can hold them in your hands, or place them on your chest or your third eye, or wherever feels right. We just recommend that they not be played right next to your ears.

The speakers will turn off automatically when the sequence is complete; there is no need to turn them off manually. If you wish to play them again, just wait until the blue light turns off before pressing the "on" button.

What does "n.o.w." stand for?

New Origin Wave Forms.

Do they connect to Bluetooth?

The speakers are designed to operate without any outside technology, meaning no other screens, wires, or devices are needed. They do not connect to Bluetooth and are intended purely as meditation speakers. 

How often do they need to charged?

The speaker batteries are charged using a standard USB cable; when they are done charging, the light will go off. They hold their charge for at least 60 sessions.  You do not need to wait until the battery is fully gone before charging. Feel free to charge once a month or as needed.