What are your recommendations based on bed size?

  • Twin Bed: For a twin bed, choose the 12 lb Throw, which is perfect for one person and close in size to a twin bed.

  • Full/Queen Bed: When using a full or queen bed with one person on the bed, we suggest choosing the 15 or 20 lb Weighted Blanket or Comforter, based on your individual needs and preferences (see above). If you share a bed with a partner and you will both be using the blanket, then we suggest the Full/Queen Comforter or two 12 lb Throws.

  • King Bed: When using a King bed for one person, we suggest either the 12 lb Throw (for a more portable option), or the King size blanket. If you plan to purchase this for a bed shared by two people, we would suggest the King size Comforter or two 12 lb Throws

  • Why do we suggest two 12 lb Throws as an option for couples? Based on feedback from customers, we have heard that many couples enjoy the freedom of each having their own blanket. Having your own individual Throw allows you to fully embrace the hugging feeling from your Baloo! Each Throw is also lighter and easier to care for, due to its smaller size.