Which size should I choose?

Try our interactive Sleep Quiz to help you find the Baloo that's best for you! Whether you're looking for a weighted blanket to use on a couch or a bed, alone or with a partner - we'll help you find our best recommendation. 

throw vs. blanket vs. comforter

If you’re looking for a Baloo that you can snuggle up with on the couch or take with you to bed, try our best selling 12lb Weighted Throw. It is our most versatile size and is the perfect individual size. It's easy to carry, easy to clean, and ideal to give as a gift. Because it's our smallest size, the 12lbs are actually more concentrated on the body, making it "feel" just in between our 15lb weighted blankets and 20lb weighted blankets.

The 12lb Throw is also perfect for couples who share a bed, but who each want their own weighted blanket -- or if one person wants a weighted blanket but the other person isn't so sure! The 12lb Throw is a perfect size to try, to see if a weighted blanket is right for both of you. 

Our "classic" size is our Full/Queen size Weighted Blanket (60x80 inches), which fits just the TOP of a Full or Queen bed, with minimal overhang. (This helps to prevent the weight from pulling it off the bed.) Our Full/Queen Blanket is available in both 15lb and 20lb options. We recommend about 10% of your body weight as a general rule, but it really comes down to personal preference. If you are over age 65, have joint pain - especially in your knees, hips, or back - or if you tend to sleep on your side, then we suggest going with the lighter 15lb option. If you are a healthy adult who usually sleeps on your front or back, and you think you'd enjoy a heavier sensation, then the 20lb blanket may be just right for you.

If you have a King size bed and like the classic style that fits the top of the bed, then we suggest our 25lb King Weighted Blanket (80x87 inches). Don't worry about following the 10% of your body weight rule here! The weight is distributed over a larger area, so the density actually feels closer to that of our 15lb blanket. 

If you want a larger weighted blanket to share with a partner, or if you just want the look of a larger, traditional comforter, then that's where Baloo's Weighted Comforter comes in. Our Weighted Comforter measures 90 by 90 inches (Full/Queen) or 92 by 108 inches (King) and drapes over the sides of the bed. What makes it special is that it's weighted only in the part that rests on top of the bed. So there's no added unnecessary weight pulling towards the edges. Keep in mind that the comforters still weigh a few pounds more than the weighted blankets of each size, just because they're larger.