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Size & Weight Questions

What size weighted blanket should I get?

A good place to start size-wise is a blanket that covers your body from the neck down. If you’re looking for a personal blanket to use around the house, let’s say to snuggle up under while you’re lounging on the couch, you can get anything from a twin on up, although a smaller blanket will definitely be more portable and easier to carry.

If you want a blanket specifically to sleep with, you’re going to want one that is the same size as the top of your bed or smaller—anything bigger that hangs over the edge and you risk the weight of it pulling the blanket off the bed. Therefore, a queen size weighted blanket should be equal to the top of the bed, not to a queen duvet. For example, a standard queen blanket that goes on a queen bed measures 90 inches by 90 inches, but for a weighted blanket, the smart choice would measure 60 inches by 80 inches, to fit perfectly on the top of the queen bed.

When browsing for a weighted blanket that’s meant to sleep with, it’s important not to compare weighted blankets with standard blanket sizes, as they are not necessarily made relative to regular blankets. A double blanket, which usually measures 80 inches by 90 inches, is meant to drape over the bed, but the weighted blanket is designed so that it fits over your body without too much overhang. A full is smaller than a queen, but once again, make sure and measure the top of your bed when deciding which size weighted blanket to get, as this is the most critical factor in making sure it does not slip off the edge.

If you’re not getting the blanket for your bed, you have a bit more leeway. Weighted blankets are also great just to use on localized parts of the body, for example just on your stomach to focus pressure there for extra comfort, or over your legs to combat restless leg syndrome. In this case, the size all depends.


Twin Bed: For a twin bed, choose the 12 lb Throw, which is perfect for one person and close in size to a twin bed.

Full/Queen Bed: When using a full or queen bed with one person on the bed, we suggest choosing the 15 or 20 lb Weighted Blanket or Comforter, based on your individual needs and preferences (see above). If you share a bed with a partner and you will both be using the blanket, then we suggest the Full/Queen Comforter or two 12 lb Throws.

King Bed: When using a King bed for one person, we suggest either the 12 lb Throw (for a more portable option), or the King size blanket. If you plan to purchase this for a bed shared by two people, we would suggest the King size Comforter or two 12 lb Throws. 

Why do we suggest two 12 lb Throws as an option for couples? Based on feedback from customers, we have heard that many couples enjoy the freedom of having their own blankets. Having your own individual Throw allows you to fully embrace the hugging feeling that Baloo gives. Each Throw is also lighter and easier to care for, due to its smaller size!