How heavy should a weighted blanket be? Could a weighted blanket be too heavy?

Three are so many options available when it comes to both the size and weight of a weighted blanket... How do you pick the right one? You can always try our interactive Sleep Quiz; but for more of an explanation, read on!

For a "classic" weighted blanket size (like our 60x80 in. blankets that fit the top of a full/queen bed), the general consensus is to look for 8-12% of your body weight. When considering our 15lb or 20lb full/queen options, we generally recommend about 10% as a good rule of thumb. 

The ideal blanket is meant to be relaxing, lull you to sleep, and calm your nerves; it shouldn’t be so heavy as to be uncomfortable. Make sure to consider what position you sleep in: if you’re a back or stomach sleeper you can probably handle a heavier blanket, while a side-sleeper might opt for something lighter. You also should consider any joint sensitivity, such as in the knees, hips, or back, in which case a better option would be something on the lighter side. And no matter what, whether the blanket will be used for an adult or a child, you should always be sure that the overall weight is something that that person will be able to move easily. 

With that said, in the end it comes down to personal preference. Some people find they really need the extra weight to fully benefit from the pressure and feel the soothing effects. Maybe you’ve tried your partner’s 15lb or 20lb blanket, not expecting to like it because it doesn't follow the "10% rule" for you, but you actually loved it and that extra cozy hug it provides!

Our most popular size is actually our 12lb Weighted Throw. Our lightest blanket overall, it actually feels like one of our heavier options because of its smaller size. This makes it the easiest to maneuver, but also creates a very satisfying weight on the body. 

By the same token, with a larger blanket (like our king size), most people prefer the feel of a heavier overall weight, spread out over the larger area. This is also the case for couples who both want to share a blanket; 15lbs in a king size might not give much of a sensation all all, but our 25lb weight spread between the two of you may be just right. 

Based on the density, our blankets from lightest to heaviest are as follows: 

  • 15lb full/queen
  • 25lb king
  • 12lb throw
  • 20lb full/queen

The type of blanket filling also comes into play, because it affects the overall feel. Some brands use plastic pellets for the weight; these are bigger and less dense than glass beads, which are about the size of a grain of sand. A blanket containing glass beads will be thinner and less bulky than one filled with plastic; this allows the blanket with glass beads to hug your body more closely. (Baloo's blankets are 100% cotton and plastic-free, filled with tiny glass beads -- no polyester or plastic!) 

There are a few concerns that shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to weighted blankets. They should never be used on babies or toddlers, and children should always be able to lift the blanket on their own, as a safety precaution. "Too heavy" does exist. But once again, it’s a matter of how comfortable it makes you feel. If you’re afraid a weighted blanket will be too heavy, start with a lighter one, and you can always move up from there.