Options based on bed size

comparing throw blanket comforter


For a twin bed, choose the 12 lb Throw, which is perfect for one person and close in size to a twin bed.



When using a full or queen bed with one person on the bed, we suggest choosing the 15 or 20 lb Weighted Blanket. (If you prefer the look of traditional bedding, our larger Weighted Comforter is also a great option).

If you share a bed with a partner and you will both be using the blanket, then we suggest either the Full/Queen Weighted Comforter, which is designed to be perfect for sharing. You can also try two 12 lb Throws if you would each like your own blanket, or if only one Throw if you don't both want to sleep with weighted bedding. 

Our Full/Queen Blankets and Comforters are available in both 15lb and 20lb options. We recommend about 10% of your body weight as a general rule, but it really comes down to personal preference. If you are over age 65, have joint pain - especially in your knees, hips, or back - or if you tend to sleep on your side, then we suggest trying the lighter 15lb option. If you are a healthy adult who usually sleeps on your front or back, and you think you'd enjoy a heavier sensation, then the 20lb blanket may be just right for you.



When using a King bed for one person, we suggest either the 12 lb Throw (for a more portable option), or the King size blanket

If you share a bed with a partner, we would suggest the King size Comforter. However, you could also use the Blanket if you prefer a smaller size; at 80x87 inches, it's actually large enough to be shared, and is a little more maneuverable than the Comforter. You can also consider two 12 lb Throws if you would each like your own blanket.

Don't worry about the "10% of your body weight rule" here! The larger size means the 25lb weight is distributed over a larger area, making it less dense. 


Why do we suggest two 12 lb Throws as a possible option for couples? Based on feedback from customers, we have heard that many couples enjoy the freedom of each having their own blanket. Having your own individual Throw allows you to fully embrace the hugging feeling from your Baloo. Each Throw is also lighter and easier to care for, due to its smaller size.