Are weighted blankets hot?

Heavy doesn't have to mean hot, when you choose a weighted blanket with breathable fabrics. Baloo is the only weighted blanket on the market made without polyester or any other synthetic liners that can trap heat. This makes our blankets very breathable, cool, and usable year-round. The feeling is similar to adding two cotton sheets to your bedding. We have heard from many customers who are normally hot sleepers, who have been shocked by how comfortably they can sleep with their Baloo blanket.

We recommend placing your weighted blanket on top of your sheet, but under your regular comforter (if you use one). This helps the weighted blanket to mold to your body, while also giving you the option to add or remove layers for warmth as needed. 

If weighted blankets are poorly constructed or have polyester or synthetic materials, they can definitely be hot. Any polyester or synthetic materials do not breathe very well, meaning they can make for a hot, stuffy night. For anyone who is hot-natured, a polyester blanket can end up being uncomfortable to sleep with. 

Cotton is the obvious choice when it comes to fabric that is both safe and comfortable. When cotton is used in weighted blankets, given that it is 100% pure cotton through and through, it provides a much more breathable environment, and you don’t need to worry as much about what season it is or if you’re a hot sleeper; cotton is light and pleasant year-round.