15lb or 20lb... Which weight is right for me?

For the Full/Queen blanket and comforter, we offer two weights options - 15lb or 20lb. Since these two are the same size, the only difference is the weight... So which to choose?

It really comes down to personal preference; but as a general rule, we recommend about 10% of your body weight. There are several other considerations as well: 

If you are over age 65, have joint pain - especially in your knees, hips, or back - or if you tend to sleep on your side, then we suggest going with the lighter 15lb option. 

If you are a healthy adult who usually sleeps on your front or back, and you think you'd enjoy a heavier sensation, then the 20lb blanket may be just right for you.

If you are sharing with a partner and would each tend toward different weights, we suggest going with the lighter 15lb option. 

The King size blanket and comforter (both 25lbs) and the Weighted Throw (12lbs) are not offered in multiple weight options. But since these weights are distributed over a larger and smaller area, respectively, you don't need to worry about the "10% of your body weight" rule!