Ordering in Europe / the UK

Most of our products are available to purchase on both balooliving.co.uk and Amazon.co.uk, with fast domestic shipping within the UK.

Amazon UK will ship to many addresses within Europe; please enter your address at checkout for availability and shipping costs.

Weighted Blankets on Amazon.co.uk
Linen Duvet Covers on Amazon.co.uk
Pillowcases on Amazon.co.uk

We are currently sold out of the 15lb (6.8kg) and 20lb (9kg) blankets, with more inventory arriving to the UK by approximately early March.

The charcoal, blush pink, and navy blue linens are not available in the UK, but can be purchased on balooliving.com, to ship from the US. International shipping and duties will be calculated automatically. The full amount calculated (based on weight and distance) is transferred to the international carrier; Baloo does not retain any of the funds, and we are not able to control the amount quoted.