Which side of the Weighted Comforter is the "top?"

Though larger in size overall, the weighted area of our comforters is very similar to that of our weighted blankets. We center the weighted glass beads only in the area that rests on top of the bed, since that's where you will actually feel the sensation on your body. The benefit of this design is that there's less weight pulling off the edge of your bed, and less excess weight overall.

Because of this, the weighted area is actually asymmetrical. There is one side that is weighted all the way to the edge, while the other three sides are filled only with cotton batting. The weighted edge is designed to lie at the head of the bed, so that it will cover your body while you sleep.

Weighted comforter infographic

We indicate this weighted edge with small white tags that are sewn into the very top seam:

These tags show that this is the side that should be placed at the head of your bed, near your pillows.