What if only one of us wants to use a weighted blanket?

What should you do if you adore your weighted blanket  -- or if you're intrigued and excited to try one for the first time -- but your partner prefers to sleep with only a light covering? 

That is the perfect opportunity to try our 12lb Weighted Throw!

Measuring 42x72 inches, our Weighted Throw is designed to cover just one person; so you can sleep in the same bed with your partner, with only one of you under the weight. Don't worry that it will be too light -- because of its smaller dimensions, the weight is more focused on the body than some of our larger blankets. It's actually more dense than our 15lb full queen size, while being lighter overall. 

In fact, even if you both want to sleep under a weighted blanket, you still may prefer the smaller Weighted Throw - just get two! Many couples actually prefer this option, so that they each have their own. We hear from many couples who love this because the Throws are lighter and easier to maneuver than one larger blanket.