Are weighted blankets good for couples?

Weighted blankets are just as good for couples as they are for individuals, as long as you take both partner’s preferences into consideration. If you're thinking of trying a weighted blanket, we suggest speaking with your partner first, to find out whether it's something they'd like to try as well. Either way, we have options for you! 

If you'd both like to try it, then you could choose to purchase either one large blanket to share, or two smaller ones so that you each have your own. 

If you sleep in a Full or Queen size bed and want to share one blanket, we suggest our Full/Queen Weighted Comforter. Measuring 90x90 inches, it is the same size as a traditional comforter -- big enough so that no one has to hog the covers. It's available in both 15lb and 20lb weight options. When in doubt, or for couples who would each tend to choose different weights, we recommend going with the lighter option. 

If you have a King size bed and want to share one blanket, you have two options: both the King size Weighted Blanket and the King size Weighted Comforter will work. The Weighted Blanket is 80x87 inches, which fits just the top of the bed, but is still large enough to share. The Weighted Comforter is larger, at 92x108 inches. Both of these are available in just one 25lb weight option. (That weight is spread over a larger area, so it actually feels in between our 15lb and 20lb Full/Queen blankets.)

Finally, a popular option for a couple sharing a bed is to get two 12lb Weighted Throws. We hear from many couples who love this because the Throws are lighter and easier to maneuver than one larger blanket, and you can each have the flexibility of having your own.