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Couples & Weighted Blankets

Are weighted blankets good for couples? I sleep with a partner, should we get one large weighted blanket to share or one for each of us?

Weighted blankets are just as good for couples as they are for individuals. The big thing to realize is that you need to take both partner’s preferences into consideration. Buying a blanket for an individual is pretty straightforward – for a couple, takes a little more thought.

One Large Blanket, Or One Each?

A lot of people prefer to go for one large blanket. Even couples who share a king sized bed can share a large weighted blanket together. It makes sleeping way more comfortable.

The only problem is when there’s a large weight difference between partners. If one partner is 125 pounds and the other is 200 pounds, it’ll be really hard to find a good weight.

Both partners will be uncomfortable in this instance. In this case, it would be a good idea to get two separate blankets. However, if the heavier partner is okay with a less heavy option, then it might work with just one.

Partner Prefers A Different Blanket Weight

Weighted blankets often come down to preference. If both partners have a different preference for blanket weight, then there’s no way to accommodate this issue with a single blanket. The only solution would be to get two separate blankets according to each person’s preference.

The last thing you want to do is compromise when it comes to a weighted blanket. You might disturb your sleep if you go for an option that’s too heavy just to make your partner happy. Get two separate blankets and enjoy the benefits of sleeping with a weighted blanket!