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Therapeutic & ‘Medical’ Considerations

Who should not use a weighted blanket?

Although weighted blankets are generally safe, they may be dangerous for some, especially for infants and small children. If children do use weighted blankets, it’s important that there be adult supervision and with your healthcare provider's approval. It is also recommended that those with the following conditions not use a weighted blanket:

  • Diabetes
  • Fragile skin, such as the elderly
  • An open wound or a rash
  • Difficulty breathing and have sleep apnea or asthma
  • Claustrophobia (fear of small places)
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Poor circulation
  • Cleithrophobia (fear of being trapped)

A weighted blanket will help you get a good night’s sleep, but if you are considering using a weighted blanket to use in combination with a supplemental treatment for a medical condition, it’s important that you talk with your doctor to ensure you use the correct size, weight and for the appropriate duration of use. 

You should also talk with your doctor about using a weighted blanket if you are pregnant, currently taking medications, or have a medical condition. Also, remember to talk with your child’s pediatrician before allowing children to use a weighted blanket.