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Can I use a weighted blanket if I am pregnant?

Sleep is crucial for pregnant moms. It can also be hard to come by. From trying to adjust to your new body shape and find a comfortable position to getting up to use the bathroom for what feels like 100 times per night, and then there's the heartburn. In fact, a recent study confirmed that pregnant women experience a decrease in night-time sleep during the last trimester.

Pregnant moms can use any help they can get when catching those oh so important pregnancy ZZZs. The good news is, your weighted blanket can help and is perfectly safe for pregnancy. Your weighted blanket will act like a hug, easing any anxiety you have and easing you into a deep sleep.

Benefits of using a weighted blanket during pregnancy

  • Helps ease anxiety and stress: Extra hormones and a fear of the unknown can lead to higher anxiety for pregnant moms who may find themselves constantly worrying about their baby's health and future. The extra weight that a weighted blanked provides acts as a therapeutic way to calm anxiety and any discomfort associated with the pregnancy.
  • Reduce inflammation: Swelling is another unpleasant side effect of pregnancy. You have the new life growing inside of you to thank for 50 percent more blood and fluids in your body than usual. A weighted blanket can actually help reduce pregnancy swelling. The weighted blanket pressure can help reduce inflammation and swelling of the legs, hands, and feet.
  • Helps feelings of discomfort from Restless Legs Syndrome: Studies have found that weighted blankets anti-anxiety properties also help RLS symptoms.
  • Deep Pressure Stimulus (DPS): Weighted blankets promote Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) therapy. DPS is when gentle pressure is applied to the body via weighted blankets. This increases the body's serotonin production – a chemical found in the body that helps with relaxation and melatonin. Deep pressure stimulation typically also provides tactile sensory feedback in the form of hugging, cuddling, and comforting touch. The overall benefits of DPS include increased levels of happiness, better, more restful sleep, fewer feelings of stress and anxiety, better mental clarity, feelings of being soothed.