Our Contributors

Elizabeth Grojean, Founder and CEO of Baloo Living

Elizabeth created Baloo in early 2018 with a passion to share the healing properties and soothing effects of weighted blankets with others. After spending a much needed sabbatical in Bali, she was able to disconnect from a fast-paced life in New York City and take time to heal her overworked mind and body. While there, she discovered the transformative, calming power of a weighted blanket, which created a peaceful environment within her that led to natural healing.

Elizabeth believes the connection that is achieved between the mind and body when one is truly at peace is key to wellness. Weighted blankets promote this connection, wrapping us in a cozy hug while calming our nervous systems and encouraging our bodies to unwind, all naturally. Elizabeth is inspired by this and dedicated to sharing the grounding experience of weighted blankets, using eco-friendly materials and healthy practices, to promote relaxation and deep sleep for everyone.

"Respecting the environment is one of Baloo's key values, just as we respect the power of the body's ability to balance and heal, we believe that appreciating the Earth for all she gives us and giving back to support her systems serves us all and our greater well-being." 

Courtney Moore

Courtney Moore is a writer who has dipped her toes in many other creative fields including baking, graphic design, jewelry fabrication, translator and teacher. She hails from Austin, Texas, but after graduating college in Nashville, transplanted to Barcelona, Spain where she brushed up on her Catalan and knowledge of the Mediterranean kitchen. She currently resides in Barcelona and makes sure not to miss a bite while there. 

Courtney is also a passionate supporter of Baloo and their mission. She finds the Spanish way of life, slowing down and taking time to enjoy the little things like sunshine on a balcony or chatting with a friend on the street, parallels Baloo's beliefs that natural practices encourage a healthy mind and body, and the idea that wellbeing starts from within.
Eileen Nardoza
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