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The Advantages of a Cool Weighted Blanket

sleeping in a weighted blanket

A comforting and soothing hug - that is what a weighted blanket aims to offer you. When wrapped around one’s body, the weighted blanket should promote a calming feeling of relaxation and enjoyment. 

Theoretically and scientifically, when the weight of the blanket touches the body, it triggers changes in the nervous system that are beneficial for the physical and mental state of the person and can also alleviate symptoms of stress and certain ailments. 

In practice, the additional weight of the comforter may increase the body’s temperature and result in high heat under the heavy cover. Many hot sleepers and people that face sleeping difficulties find the heat triggering and uncomfortable.

But heavy doesn’t necessarily mean hot. With the right materials, a weighted blanket will remain cool. Taking that into consideration, the calming effect is usually associated with a cooler temperature. As we all enjoy how the cool side of the pillow feels on the skin, it is recommended to choose a weighted blanket that stays cool.

How Can a Weighted Blanket Keep You Cool During the Night

The key factor that defines if a weighted blanket is cool or not, are the materials that are used in the manufacturing process. 

Baloo Living weighted blankets are manufactured using 100% cotton materials. Cotton is the best choice when it comes to fabrics used for covers, as it is naturally breathable. Cotton does not prevent the airflow that is essential for regulating the temperature and naturally eliminates moisture, which helps the thermoregulation. Moreover, the blanket will maintain the perfect, moderate temperature of the body and prevent it from sweating during the night. 

Besides the importance of the skin-touching material, there is another important factor that keeps the Baloo weighted blanket cool. It is the inner filling of the blanket that provides the additional weight by using glass-made microbeads. Glass microbeads are proven to stay cooler than the plastic-made ones.

weighted blanket baloo 15lb 20lb

Queen Size Weighted Blanket: 15lb or 20lbs

Perfectly sized to fit the TOP of a queen size bed, this weighted blanket comes in two weights, 15lb and 20lb. 


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New! Mini Weighted Blanket: 12lb

Just right for taking a nap on the sofa or in bed, this personal size weighted blanket goes with you.


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Should You Be Using a Cool Weighted Blanket?

If a weighted blanket is referred to as cool, then it is made from natural and breathable materials. These materials are the best choice when it comes to safety, comfort and health effects.

The greatest advantage of the premium cotton, used for the production of the Baloo Living cool weighted blankets, is not only that it provides a cooling effect, but it is also suitable for use all-year-round. Regardless of the season or climate, the breathable cotton material and advanced manufacturing technology make Baloo blankets perfectly adaptable to personal needs and temperature changes. 

Choosing the Perfect Weighted Blanket

There is no need to add that the so-called cool blanket is the best choice, regardless of the heating or cooling preferences. This adaptable comforter will be your best choice for relaxation and undisturbed sleep. 

The Baloo cool king size blanket is intended for adults. Its wide surface allows for the weight to be evenly spread across the blanket, which benefits both the cooling effect and the relaxation. It reaches each and every nerve ending underneath your skin, providing a deeply calming and soothing feeling.

The Baloo cool cotton twin size blanket is perfect for relaxation while enjoying a movie, a nap, or to improve concentration while reading or learning. It is also suitable for children weighing above 50 lbs. 

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