Sleep Mask Benefits: Your Ticket to a Good Night's Sleep


Sleep Mask Benefits: Your Ticket to a Good Night's Sleep

In a world lightened up by artificial lights it is sometimes very hard to find a completely dark place to rest your tired eyes. As much as electrical lights changed the way we live, they have also changed the way we sleep. Constant light exposure interferes with our natural sleep-wake cycle affecting both the quantity and quality of sleep. 

Darkness is essential to sleep. The absence of light is the critical signal the body needs in order to start resting. Taking this into consideration, putting on a sleep mask can make a serious difference to the quality of our sleep. This simple sleep aid is very effective in blocking light for the purpose of better sleep. Much more than that, a sleeping mask provides several exceptional benefits that can prevent and can assist in easing sleep related  problems, promoting a good night’s rest. Let’s look at a number of sleep mask benefits. 

Sleep Masks can Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep masks have become a must-have sleep accessory for many people. According to the Sleep Foundation The instant light blockage that the mask provides results in increased melatonin levels, the sleeping hormone that puts the body to sleep. The hormonal changes are triggered by the presence or absence of light. Our eyes have receptors that react to any kind of light and send signals to the brain. Light-induced signals will disrupt the REM phase, which is very important for a good rest. Preventing any light from affecting the eyes may increase time in REM sleep and decreased wakefulness. Therefore, sleeping with a blackout mask can improve sleep quality and durability by eliminating possible light-induced interruptions. 

A Sleep Mask Can Come With Additional Sleep-Inducing Props 

A sleep mask should completely eliminate light which helps greatly in promoting better sleeping conditions. Paired with stones said to be beneficial for sleep,  crystals and a sleep mask make the perfect combination. 

When placed between the eyes, crystals like Rose Quartz, Amethyst or Purple Fluorite are believed to interact with the main energy station of the body — the third eye chakra. The clean high vibrations of the stones interfere with the energy flow of the body, promoting the high vibrational energy that stimulates relaxation, calmness, emotional and physical healing, and can successfully eliminate nightmares.  

A Sleep Mask: Essential for your Beauty Sleep 

Your beauty and anti-aging strategy should definitely include the use of satin for the purpose of maintaining youthful and glowing skin. Moreover, satin-made masks can offer some serious benefits for the delicate skin on your face and around the eyes. Satin is naturally hypoallergenic and helps treat puffy and swollen eyes, as it also soothes allergies and red spots. Furthermore, it is an extremely soft material and causes less friction between the skin and the fabric, preventing the wrinkling process. 

A cushion-like satin sleep mask is a great choice if you want restful sleep and increased oxygenation to boost skin cell regeneration. 

Sleep Mask can  Help Relieve Headaches

Sleep masks can do wonders for people suffering from migraine and chronic headaches. When one suffers from headaches, you can develop a severe sensitivity to light and sound. The light elimination and sound muffling the sleep mask provides can greatly help in reducing the pain. The gentle compression of a contoured sleep mask and the soft touch of satin, or cotton fabric alleviate migraine symptoms. Moreover, regular use in times of severe pain may certainly aid the condition and reduce the painful episodes.  

A Mask Is Great for Traveling

What is better for a long-haul flight than a good travel eye mask? Whether traveling for business or leisure, the exhaustion of a trip almost always affects our mood and energy levels. With a sleep mask, you can block out all lights and enjoy quality sleep or relaxation time on a plane, train or bus, and arrive well-rested.

A cushioned mask will make the most comfortable sleep mask for your next travel adventure. Even if you can’t fall asleep, a quality satin mask will eliminate the possibility of red eyes and alleviate puffiness around the eyes. Most importantly, you’ll avoid looking tired and prevent a headache from ruining your trip. 


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Written by Elizabeth Grojean. Elizabeth founded Baloo Living after experiencing the profound feeling of a weighted blanket. Elizabeth is committed to helping people live more balanced, grounded lives through products that provide gentle support.