Best Crystals for Sleep: The Healing Power of Natural Crystals for a Better Sleep


Natural crystals are often associated with healing powers, recognized and used in holistic therapy for the ability to transmit and change a person’s energy. Different crystals are thought to possess different properties that may affect us in specific ways. 

In holistic healing practices, natural crystals are used to treat a variety of ailments including sleeping problems. It is believed that the easiest way a person can allow the healing power of a crystal to enter the body’s energy flow is through sleep. During sleep, the mind is unconscious and the body’s vital energy is more responsive to the influence of external energy. Moreover, the body is more receptive in this state to the possible healing power of crystals.

Using the correct stones for sleep may help a person fall asleep more seamlessly. By possibly interacting with a person’s energy levels, the right stones can restore good energy balance, thus, resolving any sleeping problems that are most commonly caused by energy imbalances.


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Restoring Energy Flow with Natural Crystals for Sleep

According to Laura Berman, Ph.D when speaking to Conscious Lifestyle Mag[1], energy is in constant flow and it is channeled through several spinning vortexes and power stations known as chakras. An undisturbed flow of energy is a precursor of a good mind and body balance and vital to an individual’s health and well-being. Nonetheless, the channels of energy can sometimes become clogged due to stress or illness.

One of the primary signs of interrupted energy flow is disturbed sleep and sleeping patterns.

Certain natural crystals are believed to possess clear, high vibrational energy that can work on many energy levels, and especially works well with the chakras. Good crystal combinations might help you restore the energy balance and recharge the vital energy. 

Any chosen crystals for sleeping can be placed somewhere in the bedroom, positioned under the pillow, or worn on the body while sleeping using a Sleep Mask with Crystals, for example. It is recommended to choose smaller-sized crystals for sleep.

Rose Quartz - Offering the Healing Power of Pure Love

This beautiful pink-colored quartz soothes and relaxes even just through its visual qualities. The rose quartz is popular as the gemstone of pure love, believed to promote loving and healing energy. Many people use it to heal emotional pain, a broken heart, and to release stress. Rose quartz is associated with peace and harmony, suspected to be one of the crystals for dreams that bring about happy emotions and awakens the positive, dream-like imagination. 

Blue Lace Agate - The Grounding Stone

Stone-healing practitioners believe that blue lace agate promotes encouragement and the flow of positive energy. By adding it to the sleeping stones collection, one might benefit a calm mind. This stone is associated with relieving negative thoughts and freeing an overthinking mind. Blue lace agate is known as the grounding stone that might help you focus on the positive things in life, thus, promoting feelings of safety and security.

Amethyst - The Crystal of Healing and Happy Dreams

Amethyst is a stone believed to have the ability to prevent nightmares. If you need crystals for nightmares, Amethyst is essential to your crystal collection. This violet-colored stone should bring about happy dreams and it’s suspected to be a strong healer, true spiritual stone, and a powerful emotional balancer. Many practitioners confirm that it might alleviate headaches, bring energy balance, and heal your mind and body whilst promoting sound sleep.

Purple Fluorite - The Dreamcatcher Crystal

Purple Fluorite is the dream crystal, a stone referred to as a dreamcatcher. It might be that this stone helps prevent nightmares, much like Amethyst, by blocking out negative dreams and encouraging peaceful sleep. The purple fluorite supposedly possesses strong healing energy that might boost the immune system, heal physical and emotional scars, strengthen the bones, and enhance the body’s ability to fight illnesses. By bringing consciousness and mental clarity, the crystal is believed to enhance one’s intuition.

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Written by Elizabeth Grojean. Elizabeth founded Baloo Living after experiencing the profound feeling of a weighted blanket. Elizabeth is committed to helping people live more balanced, grounded lives through products that provide gentle support.