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Sleep Stone Mask

Supremely comfortable, light-blocking and sound-muffling, the Sleep Stone Mask has a hidden pocket to hold a smooth crystal over the third eye chakra.

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It's the details that count.


With a secret pocket to hold a crystal over the third eye, the Sleep Stone Mask is supremely comfortable, light-blocking and sound-muffling, so you can slip into sleep.

The third eye chakra is the center of intuition and foresight, associated with the pineal gland which regulates biorhythms such as sleep and wake times.

Materials & Details

Choose your Sleep Stone crystal:
Amethyst for calming, grounding, self love and healing
Purple Fluorite for intuition, clarity, immunity and healing
Blue Lace Agate for safety, security, balance and grounding
Rose Quartz for the release of stress, gentleness and pure love

The crystals are genuine, natural stones, so each one is unique. There may be slight variations in color and markings, including inclusions, slightly rough edges, and akashic lines. These are due to the natural character of the stones and do not detract from their intrinsic qualities or beauty. Some purple fluorite may contain colors of both purple and green.

Satin sleep mask with 3% spandex, wide wrapping velcro closure. Made in the USA


Machine washable with warm water. Fasten the Velcro and place the mask in a delicates bag to wash. Air dry.

How It Works

To secure the crystal within the mask: First, pull the pocket lining out of the mask, so that it's inside out. Slip the crystal inside, and then tuck the stone and pocket back into place. See the short demo video above or at

"So soothing! I love the way this mask feels."


What Sets Us Apart

What Makes Our Sleep Special

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People Are Saying

Dream and Tell

"Best purchase ever"

I rave about this mask to everyone who asks. It has improved my sleep 10x. I don’t want to sleep without it.

Melissa W.

"Total Necessity"

This sleep mask is perfect, especially for afternoon naps! It blocks out the light and stays on place while sleeping. It is so soft and light that I don't even realize that I have it on. Sleep has never been as heavenly as it is now when I use this mask and my weighted blanket (also Baloo of course!). I also enjoy switching the stones so I can use the one with the properties that align with how I feel each day. Just like their blankets, this mask came beautifully packaged and has a lovely storage bag. The stones each have their own little storage bag too and the individual boxes have details on the back about each stone. Very nicely done - thank you Baloo!

Jill M.

"Love it!!!"

I know the healing effects of crystals, so this mask is perfect. I love it so much that I purchased one for my mom as well. It stays on, and having a stone over my third eye when I’m sleeping is sweet serenity. My mom said she noticed that she is less of a wild sleeper since she got it (I know it’s the blue lace agate).


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