How to use (and get used to!) your new Baloo weighted blanket

Our linen duvet covers are a luxurious addition to your Baloo weighted bedding. They offer the softness of premium linen in soothing color options, along with added protection and easier washing. Crafted from the highest quality stonewashed French flax linen, the covers are available in sizes that perfectly fit our throws, blankets, and comforters.

What sizes are available?
Please select your size carefully, as duvet covers for weighted blankets and weighted comforters are sized differently.

  • Our weighted blankets are sized to fit the TOP of the bed, in either 60x80 inches (F/Q) or 80x87 inches (King).
  • Our weighted comforters are larger, designed to drape over the edges of the bed. They measure 90x90 inches (F/Q) or 92x108 inches (King). Because they are larger, our linen duvet covers for Baloo weighted comforters are also compatible with your non-weighted bedding at home. (Please measure to ensure a perfect fit, as there is some variation in the market.) 
  • Our weighted throw measures 42x72 inches. 

Each duvet cover includes fabric ties sewn into the seams, where they match up with loops sewn into the weighted bedding. The larger the product, the more ties and loops we include, to ensure a secure connection.

What colors are available?
Our smaller sizes (for the weighted throw and the full/queen weighted blanket) are available in six colors: white, dove grey, oatmeal, charcoal, blush pink, and navy blue. Our larger sizes (for the king size weighted blanket, and all comforter sizes) are available in three colors: white, dove grey, and oatmeal.

If there is a color you'd like to see, we'd love to hear it! Please email us at 

Why does my duvet cover have extra ties?
The weighted throw and the full/queen weighted blanket include six loops to connect with our duvet covers - one at each corner, and then one on each of the two longer sides. The duvet covers do have an extra tie on the top and bottom, to accommodate any possible future design changes. These are not a mistake, or a signal that something is missing; the duvet cover and blanket you have are just right!

How do I attach my duvet cover to my weighted bedding? 

  • Turn the cover inside out
  • Arrange the cover flat on top of the blanket
  • Tie each of the loops tightly onto the cover
  • Starting at the open end of the outer cover, pull the cover right side out, and bring the blanket along
  • Once the cover is right side out, the blanket should be aligned inside.
  • Button the closure and take a rest, you earned it!


blanket arrangement