Are weighted blankets beneficial for children?

Both children and adults can find the snug pressure of a weighted blanket to be soothing, and to create a sense of calm and stillness. 

Does your child have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep? In addition to being incredibly important for a child's health and development, sleep (or lack thereof) can have a huge impact on the whole family! Whether this is caused by separation anxiety, nightmares, or other problems, a weighted blanket may help.

The weight of the blanket can help your child’s anxiety by triggering their nervous system to lower their heart rate and slow their breathing. It can also prevent tossing and turning, thereby helping your child stay still and go to sleep more quickly. Studies have shown the weight of the blanket may reduce fidgeting and squirming at bedtime, which can be especially helpful to children with ADHD. 

Weighted blankets can also help with focus and mental clarity during the day. They have long been used to help children with autism spectrum disorder who may not be able to focus during the day or sleep at night due to noise disruption.