What Are Weighted Blankets Made Of?

Weighted blankets are made with the intention to improve one’s physical and mental health, providing a better sleep and sense of well-being. Therefore, its important that they are made with natural materials that are not harmful to the user.


Although a weighted blanket can be made using different kinds of materials and fillings, it is important to choose one that is gentle to your skin and safe for your overall health. Sleeping with a weighted blanket means you are in contact with it for at least 6-7 hours a day. Taking this into consideration, we made a blanket using the safest, eco-friendly and comfortable materials available. 

How Does the Material Alter the Effect of the Blanket?

A weighted blanket has two parts, an outer cover and the inner section that provides the weight. The quality of the weighted blanket materials, and the manufacturing of both parts greatly change the effectiveness of the final product. Therefore, we took several things into consideration when deciding on the design and the materials for the Baloo blankets. Here are some of the factors, according to which we created the perfect weighted blanket:

  1. The contact and touch-feeling that the blanket provides when one is covered with it
  2. The amount of noise it will make when one is moving it during sleep
  3. The heat that the blanket will provide
  4. The health effect of the blanket’s materials
  5. The ecological impact of the product
  6. The durability
  7. The maintenance 

Taking all these into consideration, we chose the best materials and solutions for creating the perfectly safe, health-aiding, soothing and beautiful weighted blanket. 

weighted blanket baloo 15lb 20lb

Queen Size Weighted Blanket: 15lb or 20lbs

Perfectly sized to fit the TOP of a queen size bed, this weighted blanket comes in two weights, 15lb and 20lb. 


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New! Mini Weighted Blanket: 12lb

Just right for taking a nap on the sofa or in bed, this personal size weighted blanket goes with you.


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What Is the Outer Cover of the Baloo Weighted Blanket Made Of?

Baloo's weighted blankets are made from soft, breathable cotton. Purchased from sustainable and safe sources, the premium cotton makes our products clean, safe and breathable. Cotton is the best material to offer a comfortable and soothing feeling and gentle skin touch. One very important advantage of the Baloo blanket is that it stays cool as the breathable 100% cotton-made blanket provides convenient temperature regulation. The easily washable and highly durable blanket is suitable for year-round use.

With health a key factor in choosing materials, cotton is the superior blanket material. It has no negative effects on human health.


What Is the Weighted Inner Section of the Baloo Weighted Blanket Made Of?

To achieve a particular weight, a weighted blanket has an inner filling. Baloo's weighted blanket’s inner filling is made from a glass made micro-beads. These micro glass beads are securely sewed inside micro pockets that are evenly spread across the surface of the blanket. This prevents them from moving across the surface and changing the shape of the blanket. 

Using glass-beads as fillers is proven to provide the most comfortable weight feeling. The smoothness of the blanket is the number-one advantage. Additionally, they do not produce noise, which makes them perfectly suitable for calm and uninterrupted sleep. The soothing effect of the blanket is loved by everyone and particularly suitable for people with auditory, sensory or physical sensitivities.

Glass-made fillings provide additional benefits. The glass is completely safe to use and does not come in contact with the body. It’s a better alternative to plastic-made microbeads. Plastic materials can be toxic and affect your health after years of use, and they are also not an eco-friendly choice. 

All materials used in the production of the Baloo weighted blanket are certified as chemical-free and eco-friendly. Baloo products are safe to use and safe for the environment.

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