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Baloo Living Holiday

Our favorite small businesses make holiday shopping easy by curating gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Stephanie Hon, Cadence

Stephanie Hon, Founder & CEO of Cadence

“One of the greatest lessons I've learned building my business is the value of consistent sleep. I love my Baloo blanket because I wake up feeling rested in the morning, and it's consciously made, a win-win.”
Sadie Roberts Tradlands

Sadie Roberts, Founder of Tradlands

“I've loved my Baloo weighted throw for years and use it every night; the beautiful new plant-dyed colors will easily be my number one item to gift this year.”
Natashia Mensah

Natashia Mensah, Founder of Mia Adora

“As a super busy mom of 4, I have to practice what I teach my clients about healthy lifestyle choices. Sleep is so so essential for lowering stress hormones, supporting weight loss, and improving energy levels which is why I personally love the weighted blankets from Baloo.”
Terry Rice

Terry Rice, Business Development Consultant, Terry Rice Consulting

"Recovery is key to performing well in any aspect of your life. My Baloo weighted comforter helps me get a great night's sleep so I can wake up as the best possible version of myself in the morning. I just need to make sure the alarm is loud enough so I don't sleep through it!"
Elizabeth Grojean

Elizabeth Grojean, Founder & CEO of Baloo Living

“I've been in love with our linen duvets from Day 1, so I'm so excited that they're now available in sheets sets! I love sleeping in linen because it's so thick yet breathable, and always looks chic.”