The 5 Minute Tuck-In, a Breathing Exercise for Bedtime

Breath for bedtime

Breathe. Believe. Receive. – Author Unknown

A gentle way to calm the mind and relax the body for bed is through deep, slow breathing. Try this guided breathwork meditation to balance your nervous system and feel more relaxed as you tuck yourself in for bed. 


Guided Breathing Meditation 

Note: if you ever feel uncomfortable with the breath work, gently come back to your normal breathing.


Kathy Parsons is the founder of The Santosha Life. She’s a self-proclaimed type-A in recovery, yoga teacher, breath coach and wellness explorer. She’s found this breathing exercise to be a start to improve your breathing patterns over time. Once it’s part of your routine, you will notice feeling more relaxed, improved sleep, improved concentration and energy levels, plus being more present and aware of your mind and body. Learn more about Kathy and The Santosha Life, plus find more wellness tools, here.