Rest & Restore I Guided Yoga for Bedtime

Guided Bedtime Yoga Rest and Restore

Guided Yoga for Bedtime 

A restorative yoga practice is one of our favorite ways to close out the night. This session touches on the mind and body to release tension, unwind from your day, and prepare you for rest. 

For this session, come in some comfy clothes with a space to stretch out, a yoga mat, towel or blanket to cushion yourself, a set of blocks, and your Baloo weighted blanket and Sleep Stone Mask. (All nice to have, but not required!) 

Kathy with The Santosha Life designed this flow specifically for Baloo to help you power down as you head into your evening. By focusing our attention on our breath and allowing for stillness as we hold each pose, we can shift into our parasympathetic nervous system, our rest and digest mode (like we learned about two weeks ago!) This will help us to ease into a restful night's sleep.

Get cozy, and let’s get to it. After this evening practice guided by our friend Kathy Parsons, you’ll end feeling grounded, relaxed, balanced, and ready to snooze.

Baloo Living Throw Weighted Blanket & Sleep Stone Mask

Kathy Parsons: Yoga Teacher, Breath Coach, Wellness Explorer and Lover of a Good Laugh

When Kathy is not leading virtual and live yoga, meditation and breathwork classes and workshops from her home base in Toronto, she’s hosting retreats around the world. 

Her mission is to provide authentic and personalized opportunities for people to connect with themselves and with each other, to grow, and have a good time in the process.

Kathy left a successful career in the corporate world in 2004 to pursue her passion of wellness.  She now runs a boutique wellness company: The Santosha Life, Cultivating Contentment through Yoga + Meditation + Breathwork + Retreats.