5 Tips to Help You Sleep Soundly in the Summer

Sleeping in bed with weighted blanket

With newly arrived steamy days, shorter nights, and maybe a couple more margaritas than we’re used to—on top of that pesky sunburn—getting a good night’s sleep in the summer months can elude even the most seasoned napper. But not to worry, we’ve got some hints to help you unwind and get quality shuteye, even as the temperature rises and the mosquitos start to buzz. 

1. Take a Quick Rinse Before Bed

Guard against restless summer nights with a quick, cleansing rinse before slipping into bed.

We’re especially partial to a refreshing splash of water at the end of the day to remove any lingering sunscreen or perspiration and to just cool down. A cool shower is an oft-practiced technique to relax both mentally and physically, so a rinse before bed is a great way to wind down naturally. According to the Center for Sleep Medicine, showering an hour or two before bed regulates circadian rhythms, as the gentle cooldown from a shower tells your body it’s time for sleep.

Bed with white linen

2. Sleep with Breathable Fabrics

Keeping your environment cool and breathable while sleeping will make for ideal sleeping conditions. This includes your bed, sheets, pillows, and comforter, as well as those PJ’s. Natural fibers like cotton or linen will breathe better than synthetics and can even wick moisture away, so keep your eyes open for lightweight fabrics. Baloo’s weighted blankets are great year-round—in this case, heavy does not mean hot! Baloo was developed in the tropics and designed with premium cotton to be breathable, so it’s a great tool for better sleep in the summer. And don’t worry, you won’t have to swap style for function; Baloo has got you covered (literally) with a 100% French linen duvet cover for maximum breathability, scoring extra points with dreamy colors and a soft touch.

3. Unplug, Literally!

Most of us are bombarded with screens from the moment we wake up to the moment we close our eyes, but if you really want to get your body in nocturnal mode, cutting back (or out entirely) on looking at your phone, computer, or TV right before bed is crucial. You’ve probably already heard that blue light emitted from screens interferes with our ability to fall asleep, so why not put your phone down and pick up that new summer novel (or biography) you’ve been meaning to start?  

Woman in hammock with weighted blanket

4. Don’t forget the H2O

This one might seem like a no-brainer, we all know that water is a necessary ingredient to our daily survival, it keeps us hydrated and is an all-around plus for our wellbeing. But we’re more susceptible to dehydration in the summer, and this can have even more adverse effects on our sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a lack of water can lead to nocturnal leg cramps, a parched throat, even compromise your alertness the next day. Remember to drink lots of water all day long, but ease up an hour or two before bed.

5. Go Herbal

By herbal, we’re referring to tried-and-true methods that have been around for ages. Lavender oil is the time-tested natural remedy for anyone needing a little help sleeping, known for its calming properties, and increasing slow-wave sleep. If you’d rather skip the oil, try a cup of herbal tea (make sure there’s no caffeine!) One of our favorites, rooibos, hales from South Africa and is naturally caffeine free with a sweet, subtle taste. If you lean toward ancient Chinese wisdom, then try Chrysanthemum tea which has long been used in East Asia as a cooling tea to help remove heat from the body.

Practicing a few of these tips, you can do summer however you please knowing you’ll still catch some Z’s with these sleep strategies and a Baloo blanket to cuddle into.

Written by Courtney Moore