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Wirecutter valentine's exclusive: 12lb throw

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Wirecutter Valentine's Exclusive: 12lb Throw

Transform your nights and days with the bestselling 12lb weighted throw. The soft, breathable, and cool cotton molds to your body like a gentle hug, for easier, deeper sleep.

Made with clean and natural materials, care is easy, just drop in the machine! A perfect size compatible for all ages. This is is our best deal of the season and cannot be combined with other offers.

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12lb Throw Weighted Blanket:

  • Measures 42x72 inches and weighs 12lbs; the most versatile size for using on the sofa or in bed. 
  • Baloo is the only quilted weighted blanket made with 100% cotton inside and out—no polyester liners here—for cool, deep sleep.
  • Chemical-free materials chosen for softness, breathability, and durability. Lead-free glass microbead fill. 
  • Designed for deep rest and relaxation; the tight, quilted pattern holds the weighted filling snugly in place so you never worry about bunching or pooling. 
  • Machine washable & dryer safe. 
  • Includes 8 small loops to securely connect to a Baloo linen duvet cover (optional, sold separately). 
  • Backed by our Lifetime Quality Guarantee!

Partnering with the Pajama Program

We donate to support the Pajama Program, a nonprofit working through 4,000 communities in the US in shelters and group homes, to support children and their caregivers in creating a reassuring bedtime routine through the simple gift of a new pair of pajamas and a book to read. We strongly believe that every child is entitled to a safe and secure good night's sleep. 

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