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Meditation bundle

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Meditation Bundle

Wrap your eyes and ears in the softness of the Sleep Stone Mask while grounding through the meditative tones of the n.o.w. tone therapy speakers by solu, for a quiet, calming moment.

The Sleep Stone Mask includes four crystals, each with unique properties, sized to fit in the hidden pocket above the third eye chakra. Amethyst for calming, grounding & self love; Purple Fluorite for intuition, clarity & immunity; Blue Lace Agate for safety, security, and grounding; Rose Quartz for gentleness and pure love.

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The Meditation Bundle:

  • Include a pair of  n.o.w. Tone Therapy Speakers by solu & the Sleep Stone Mask with four crystals (rose quartz, amethyst, blue lace agate, and purple fluorite) to help you find your zen. 
  • The solu speakers provide a profound meditative experience in 3 minutes, which is designed to fit into every day, no matter how busy.  
  • Twice a day, press both speakers on, close your eyes, and let the tones wash over you. The sounds are beautiful but always different, helping your mind stay in the present moment. After the 3-minute meditation, the speakers shut off leaving you to continue your day feeling refreshed and grounded. 
  • See reviews below to hear how these unassuming speakers have been used to improve sleep disorders, lower blood pressure, reduce the need for medication, and manage PTSD and anxiety. 
  • Black chrome, with lithium-Ion battery. The speakers hold a charge for at least 60 sessions. Charge once a month or as needed, using the enclosed USB cables; light will turn off when complete. Polishing cloth included.
  • The Sleep Stone Mask is supremely comfortable, light-blocking and sound-muffling, for peaceful cocooning in meditation, for sleep or travel. 
  • Designed with a patent pending hidden pocket to hold a crystal over the third eye chakra. 
  • Each crystal is a natural stone and each is unique, with slight variations and markings. Some purple fluorite may contain colors of both purple and green. 
  • Mask is made of Mulberry Silk; hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.
  • This bundle is backed by our Lifetime Quality Guarantee. 

Partnering with the Pajama Program

We donate to support the Pajama Program, a nonprofit working through 4,000 communities in the US in shelters and group homes, to support children and their caregivers in creating a reassuring bedtime routine through the simple gift of a new pair of pajamas and a book to read. We strongly believe that every child is entitled to a safe and secure good night's sleep. 

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