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The Best Weighted Blanket

Good nights and better days from here on out, with our best-selling weighted blanket. Science-backed, sustainably-made, in super-soft cotton—for a blanket that feels like a hug, right when you need one.


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"Relief without the Rx."

"I really truly believe in this product."

"...Feel a bit more calm and collected."

"Best weighted blanket for hot sleepers."

"Looks and feels luxurious."

"Relief without the Rx."

"I really truly believe in this product."

"...Feel a bit more calm and collected."

"Best weighted blanket for hot sleepers."

"Looks and feels luxurious."

"Relief without the Rx."

"I really truly believe in this product."

"...Feel a bit more calm and collected."

"Best weighted blanket for hot sleepers."

"Looks and feels luxurious."

Cool & breathable, with a thoughtful design

Clean living

Made with 100% cool, natural and chemical-free materials

Nothing to hide

The only weighted blanket with zero polyester filling - instead, we use high-quality glass beads

Quilted on purpose

Squares sized three ways for the ideal balance of body-hugging, contouring comfort

Details that matter

Thoughtfully packaged as a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one

"It just makes my life better, period."

There's no question: Getting a good night's sleep is one of the highest impact ways to improve your life. But sleeping well isn't always easy...

What if sleeping well was somehow effortless?

No more long nights tossing and turning... No more melationin....

...And best of all: You'll be sleeping great without any medications, supplements, or voodoo magic...

That'd be pretty awesome right? You want to get the sleep you need to thrive without all the nonsense.

We created Baloo Living to solve this issue - the only weighted blanket meticulously crafted to ensure the highest quality sleep without sacrificing on quality or ethical manufacturing.

...So you can feel your absolute best, FAST.

Our Weighted Blanket

vs. Others


100% chemical-free cotton, OEKO-TEX® certified

Mixed materials, include polyester

Carbon neutral, ocean positive, compostable packaging

Manufacturing processes that harm the environment

Lead-free glass beads, free of toxic chemicals

Uses plastic, chemicals & non-lead-free beads

Three-sized squares for optimal body-hugging comfort

Standard one-size squares, less contouring

Includes canvas tote, gift box, and free sound bath download

Just a blanket in a box

Machine washable, suitable for commercial machines (king size)

Requires special care, not machine washable

What Our Customers Say

"Love it! I have never slept better. I have shared this blanket purchase with other girlfriends to say get it now."

Joni R

Verified Buyer

"Excellent product. It is helping to reduce my restless sleep."

Robin F

Verified Buyer

"Best blanket ever if you want to fall asleep fast and stay asleep!"

Sam S

Verified Buyer

Rest and relaxation for any lifestyle

See why over 100,00 of customers trust Baloo

I love my weighted throw!

"I love my throw! Perfect timing now that it’s winter. Very soft. I let my 11 year old try it and he’s kept it. Will have to order another one. Very Happy with my purchase ."

- Betsy J

It does feel like...

"It does feel like a whole body hug; it’s very comforting. Love the cotton cover and quality."

- Martha R

Wish I had discovered sooner …

"I love it! The comfort of being nestled under this, coupled with far less tossing and turning has been a life changer."

- Pete P

Washer & Dryer Friendly

Skip the dry cleaners completely—just drop the blanket in your washing machine on a cold cycle with gentle detergent, and tumble dry on medium or low heat. King size blankets should be washed in a commercial machine due to their size.

Something not feeling right? This product is protected by Baloo's Lifetime Quality Guarantee.

Your purchase supports children and the planet

We donate a portion of profits to our nonprofit partners, Pajama Program and SeaTrees. Together, through interconnected acts of kindness, we can make the world a better place.


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Machine washable & dryer safe

Sustainably made: Carbon neutral & ocean positive

100% natural, clean, & chemical-free

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