Join Us in the Movement to End Poverty & Incarceration of Women and Girls

We're partnering with The Ladies of Hope Ministries for Women's History Month as they help women transitioning from prison through education, spiritual empowerment, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.

Ladies of Hope Ministries

In honor of International Women's Day & Women's History Month, Baloo is partnering with The Ladies of Hope Ministries to raise awareness about the effect of mass incarceration on women & girls, while highlighting women visionaries making positive changes in our communities.

According to a June 2019 report by The Sentencing Project, the number of incarcerated women increased by more than 750% between 1980 and 2017, rising from 26,378 to 225,060. This is the result of stiffer drug sentencing laws, underdiagnosed and untreated trauma and mental health issues, and post-conviction barriers to reentry that uniquely affect women. The female incarcerated population stands nearly eight times higher than in 1980.

  • 750% increase in women's incarceration
  • 225,060 women in jail and prison
  • 1.3 million women under supervision in the criminal justice system

About The Ladies of Hope Ministries

The Ladies of Hope Ministries (The LOHM) mission is to create alternatives to incarceration, decarceration and post incarceration opportunities by providing access to resources for education, entrepreneurship, and sustainability through advocacy.

Baloo Living is donating weighted blankets to The Ladies of Hope Ministries to be placed in Hope House and given to the women in the Faces of Women Imprisoned program. Plus, for every donation made to The Ladies of Hope Ministries during March 2021, Baloo will match* with additional comforting weighted blankets to the LOHM programs. Email your donation receipt to

Hope House Faces of Women Imprisoned
Hope House, a Co-Living space of The Ladies of Hope Ministries, empowers women and girls by providing a safe housing space, a supportive community of women, mentorship, and guidance for formerly incarcerated women & girls to create a life after prison. Their goal is for each women and girl to create an independent, successful, and happy life where they can thrive and become whole. Faces of Women Imprisoned is the first of its kind Speakers Bureau created and run by formerly incarcerated women. Its goal is to deepen and broaden the public conversation, empower formerly incarcerated women and provide income for women as they speak around the country. Faces of Women Imprisoned is a powerful opportunity for the public to hear and learn from incarcerated women through public symposiums.

Equally important, it provides a training ground for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women who never had the encouragement and the opportunity to publicly speak about their experiences, what they've learned and how it can inform and transform public policy and legislation.

Lifting up women & our communities takes more than just one month of the year — it is an ongoing commitment that takes all of us. We would like to plant the seed of giving back during Women's History Month and the rest of the year, so that this organization can continue the important work they are doing.

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*Baloo will match the donation to The LOHM in the form of weighted blankets of equal value.