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This Blanket Supports
Women & Girls

This Blanket Supports Women & Girls

Baloo X The Ladies of Hope Ministries

The new Hope Rose weighted blanket supports a fresh start for women & girls for a limited time.

The deep rose color, inspired by each woman’s strength, courage, and commitment demonstrated as they re-enter their community, is designed for feelings of comfort & relaxation.

Through Spring 2023.

"feels sturdy, soft and smooth"
"...feel a bit more calm and collected"
"Best weighted blanket for hot sleepers"
"So good. The game has changed."
"Best overall weighted blanket"
12LBS 42 x 72 IN

Hope Rose 12lb Throw Weighted Blanket by Baloo

Baloo’s 100% cotton weighted blankets are designed to promote deep pressure stimulation, which helps lower cortisol levels and promotes serotonin, helping you sleep better.
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A percentage of each sale of the Hope Rose Throw will go to The Ladies of Hope Ministries' mission to drive change through social justice by connecting previously incarcerated women and girls to housing, food, healthcare, living wage employment, entrepreneurship opportunities, education, and advocacy.

"Listening to the stories and seeing all the faces, it was clear that if people really knew and understood why women were in prison, the drivers that led women to prison, and the outcomes and barriers they faced returning home, that we could actually change and end poverty and incarceration of women and girls."

— Topeka K. Sam, The Ladies of Hope Ministries' Founder & CEO,

UN Goodwill Ambassador for Social Justice

The Ladies of Hope Ministries’ Programs

aim to empower women and girls in their transitions back to community, as well as create space for them to lift their voices to share their lived experiences that can inform and transform public policy and legislation.


According to a May 2022 report by The Sentencing Project, the number of incarcerated women was nearly five times higher in 2020 than in 1980.

This is the result of stiffer drug sentencing laws, underdiagnosed and untreated trauma and mental health issues, and post-conviction barriers to reentry that uniquely affect women.

1.2 million women are currently under supervision in the criminal justice system

80% of the women who will go to jail this year are mothers

The 1.9 million women released from prisons every year face high rates of poverty, unemployment, and homelessness with little safety net.

The mission is to create alternatives to incarceration, decarceration and post incarceration opportunities by providing access to resources for education, entrepreneurship, and sustainability through advocacy.