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5 Reasons Why This Luxurious Weighted Blanket is on Everyone’s Wish List

The benefits of using a weighted blanket are well-documented and researched. Weighted blankets help reduce stress, improve deep sleep, and soothe your body's central nervous system, to make you more calm and rested. Here are the five reasons why everyone is trying to get their hands on Baloo’s Weighted Blankets.

1. Calm your mind and drift off to sleep faster.

Like the feeling of a hug, the weight of Baloo’s blankets relaxes the nervous system and encourages: 

Decreased levels of cortisol, for less stress and more calm.

Increased serotonin production, which lifts and improves your mood.

Increased release of melatonin, to lull you into deeper, higher-quality sleep faster.

2. No more tossing and turning, sleep tight all night.

Our blankets use deep pressure touch to help muscles relax and put your mind at ease, so you can sleep through the night. Studies have found that people who used a weighted blanket had less movement during sleep and the number of times that people woke up after going to sleep decreased.


3. Naturally breathable materials for year round use (yes, even for hot sleepers!)

So long, sweaty sleep! The cool cotton of our blankets allows for natural breathability and airflow, while the weight of the glass beads (no plastic!) doesn't trap heat. Baloo is the only weighted blanket on the market designed with 100% chemical-free cotton and lead-free glass beads.

4. First of its kind — our unique quilted design really works.

The tight, quilted pattern of a Baloo blanket holds the weighted filling snugly in place so you never have to worry about the weight bunching or pooling. Other weighted blankets tend to bunch up in areas and get uncomfortably warm.

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($24 value)

5. Our Promise to You and the Planet

Sleep well knowing that with every blanket we produce, we put the planet first. By instituting a plastic-free supply chain and restoring coastal ecosystems to fight climate change with SeaTrees, every blanket supports our commitment to the Earth.

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