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"Relief without the Rx."

Dave Asprey

"I really truly believe in this product."

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"...Feel a bit more calm and collected."

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"Best weighted blanket for hot sleepers."


"Looks and feels luxurious."

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Page Six I 2023

No need to wait for the holidays to shop Kendall Jenner’s gifting go-to. The catwalker named this weighted blanket as her top present pick on a Poosh guide last year.“I love a weighted blanket. It helps with anxiety and feeling calm,” she wrote. “Curling up with one and watching a movie is my favorite — like a good cuddle.”

Additional Press 

Cosmopolitan - 2022

"Cotton is known for being crisp, smooth, and cool, which is why this quilted cotton option from Baloo (which is free from polyester and synthetic liners) is such a great year-round option. It comes with a glass microbead fill that also works to keep ya cool, and it's available in three colors, as well as five weight and size options."
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Apartment Therapy - 2022

"Baloo previously topped our Best Weighted Blanket List, and now they are our top pick for the best weighted comforter. It wins for its breathable cotton shell and eco-friendly glass microbead fill, which are great for the planet and your sleep. Our projects editor, Megan, loved the even distribution of this comforter’s weight, which helped her fall asleep in mere minutes."
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Vogue - 2021

"...I’ve been using it for the past two nights. So good. The game has changed."
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Reader’s Digest - 2022

"Dedicated to making life better for people and the planet, Baloo offers the only quilted weighted blanket made without synthetic liners or polyester fill. All-natural and certified vegan, this bestseller is made with chemical-free cotton and lab-tested, lead-free glass microbeads, giving it breathability to keep you cool yet cozy year-round."
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Healthline - 2022

"...the Baloo Weighted Blanket was designed to fit the top of a full, queen, or king bed with minimal or no overhang...Each blanket is made with 100 percent cotton and a glass microbead fill, without synthetic dyes or materials."
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POOSH - 2021

"I love a weighted blanket. It helps with anxiety and feeling calm. Curling up with one and watching a movie is my favorite—like a good cuddle. — Kendall Jenner"
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Men’s Health - 2022

"Simply put, there's something so comforting about a weighted blanket. And that's why it makes for such a great gift."
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Real Simple - 2022

"It's only been a few weeks and I'm already sleeping better. I no longer wake up in a hot sweat or feel the need to have my AC on full blast throughout the night. The best part? They're meant to grow softer with every wash, something I've found true after washing them just two times so far."
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Architectural Digest - 2022

"The Baloo weighted blanket offers a cocoon of breathable, cotton serenity. Baloo also sells a linen duvet cover in several shades if you want to switch up the look and add a layer of additional protection to the blanket."
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Insider - 2022

"The Baloo weighted blanket struck an outstanding balance between comfort and cost."
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Dave Asprey, Founder, Bulletproof - 2020

"I actually sleep under a Baloo blanket every night, because well, you can measure that it works...."
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Goop - 2020

"A weighted blanket can help promote a deep relaxation that feels like getting a firm hug. They typically come in different weights, so according to Baloo, it’s best to choose one that’s 8 to 12 percent of your body weight. It shouldn’t feel like a coffin, but it should feel secure. And if getting a good night’s rest is the reason you’re offline, we are here for it."
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US Weekly - 2019

"From bedrooms across America to all of Hollywood’s must-have list, weighted blankets have taken on a life of their own. Never heard of them? You’ve come to the right place! Regardless if you’re a first-time user or a longtime admirer, the Baloo Weighted blanket is the best on the market!"
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Oprah Magazine - 2020

"No matter what has their stress levels at an all-time high (a looming test or a job interview, maybe?), this weighted blanket will help them feel a bit more calm and collected."
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PopSugar - 2018

"The Baloo Living weighted blanket is made with breathable cotton and superfine, lead-free, glass micro-beads, and it's completely machine washable and dryer safe."
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Medium - 2019

"Baloo’s impact is clear through its customers’ testimonials, as well as the contributions the company makes to the Pajama Program to support good nights for better days for children across the US, and The Foundation."
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Cosmopolitan - 2020

"Hi, my name is Alexis, and I don't like to share. That's why this twin-size, 12-pound option is at the top of the list. It's also an ideal option if you share a bed with someone who doesn't want to sleep with a weighted blanket. You can also keep this personal-sized gem in rotation for when you're ready to travel."
Read more - 2020

"All-natural materials, cool temperature, easy maintenance, variety of weight and size options, good price point, gift ability, lifetime warranty, and excellent customer service make this blanket the overall winner."
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Today - 2019

"Sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta likes Baloo for its quality products and said this is a good option when you’re looking for comfort from a blanket that provides a feeling of warm cuddles."
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Real Simple - 2019

"So how exactly does one go about keeping their beloved weighted blanket so fresh and so clean? We posed that question to Elizabeth Grojean, founder of weighted blankets by Baloo Living, who, well, weighed in with her thoughts."
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InStyle - 2019

"Baloo Living’s Cooling Weighted Blanket is made with breathable cotton that keeps your body temp in check, while also giving you all the stress-relieving benefits of a weighted blanket."
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Sunday Edit - 2019

"Regardless of the many positive claims I read online, there was a looming skepticism on whether this blanket would work for me — as if I were the exception. However, the blanket did work, and I now fall asleep within minutes each night sans anxiety. The past few mornings I have jumped out of bed well-rested and unnaturally chipper. The only dilemma now is that I am too comfortable to get out of bed."
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Women's Health - 2020

"Come at me, deep sleep. Baloo's breathable cotton blanket comes in various weights depending on your mattress and is double-quilted to avoid bunching. Added bonus: You can throw it in the normal wash, and each order comes with a download of soothing music for maximum meditation. Yes, please!"
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Martha Stewart - 2020

"This weighted blanket goes beyond most models on the market—it can be incorporated directly into her bed set (it has loops, which coordinate with her duvet cover)."
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Harper's Bazaar - 2020

"When it comes to being distressed in bed, consider this your white knight."
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The Strategist - 2020

"Baloo stands out among the rest of the bunch for its thoughtful design. Available in 15 or 20 pounds, it gives you that soothing, grounded sensation while still being aesthetically pleasing."
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Refinery29 - 2020

"This is an outstanding quality weighted blanket. I did TONS of research before settling on this one. I found out who the owner of the company is and was impressed with her company mission and production process. Initially, I only wanted a blanket but got to support an amazing company as well. Win-win. FYI: There are multiple features that make this blanket superior. The blanket can be washed! The glass filling is evenly distributed and silent. The weight doesn’t shift at all. The material is the same as organic. The material breathes and I don’t get hot."
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Well Insiders - 2019

"The weighted blanket has become an invaluable part of my routine, both for better sleep and for a calmer demeanor. My inner skeptic, along with my inner anxiety, is fully abated."
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Honest Brand Reviews - 2021

"Baloo‘s weighted blankets are for anyone who struggles with insomnia, anxiety, or stress. If you have trouble winding down before bed, these products help provide relaxation."
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Starters Story - 2021

"The Baloo weighted blanket, an incredible tool for calming the nervous system with gentle pressure, similar to the way being hugged or held makes us feel naturally calm."
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The Sleep Doctor - 2022

"The Baloo Weighted Blanket is soft, smooth, and thin without sacrificing deep compression. Our team’s hot sleepers were particularly impressed with the breathable design, and an extensive weight range means most people can find a comfortable option."


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