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Weighted Blanket

Our classic bestseller, in soft and breathable cool cotton. Designed to fit the top of the bed. We recommend about 10% of your body weight for ideal comfort.  

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Breathable & Cool
Machine Washable

The Baloo weighted blanket molds to your body like a gentle hug, helping the mind and body to calm for a deeper sleep. Because it doesn’t trap heat, it’s cool enough to use year-round in all climates. Easy to care for and machine washable, the blanket is sized to fit the top of a full/queen or king size bed, with minimal overhang.

Materials & Details

Natural materials only: 100% premium cotton outer fabric and inner batting, chosen for its softness, breathability, and durability. Glass microbead fill. Cool enough for all climates.

Full/Queen Blanket (60x80 in.): fits the top of a full/queen bed
King Blanket (80x87 in.): fits the top of a king bed


Machine wash cold on gentle cycle; tumble dry low. Baloo blankets dry surprisingly quickly, so we suggest checking on your blanket after 15-20 minutes. The king size blanket should be washed in a commercial machine because of its larger size and weight.

How It Works

Baloo's weighted blankets are designed to apply a gentle, even weight to the body, simulating the effects of Deep Pressure Touch. This has been shown to help encourage a natural, calming effect which soothes and supports deeper, sounder sleep. These effects have been studied and published in the journal Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, the Journal of Complementary Medicine, and several others. 

Why Baloo

Cool & breathable. Thoughtful design.

"Love it!!! This blanket is so calming and helps me fall asleep super fast (and stay asleep). It feels like a big hug. Love that it is eco-friendly as well." ~Danielle D.


Find the blanket that's right for you.

The only quilted weighted blanket made with 100% cotton—free from polyester & synthetic liners—for cool, natural sleep.


Our classic bestseller, in soft and breathable cool cotton. Designed to fit the top of the bed. We recommend about 10% of your body weight for ideal comfort.  

Full/Queen | King

Weights: 15 | 20 | 25 lbs

  • Fits the TOP of a full, queen, or king mattress.
  • Add a weighted layer to your regular bedding.
  • The most popular, classic sizing.
  • Smaller than the comforter, making it easier to carry and care for.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe (commercial machine for king size).
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The cool cotton Baloo blanket - now in a larger size that looks like a traditional comforter. We recommend about 10% of your body weight for ideal comfort.   

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Full/Queen | King

Weights: 15 | 20 | 25 lbs

  • Has the look of a traditional comforter, draping over the bed.
  • Can replace your normal bedding; will fit any standard duvet cover.
  • Perfect for sharing.
  • Weighted only on top of the bed, to minimize the weight of the larger size.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe, in a commercial machine.
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What Sets Us Apart

What Makes Our Sleep Special

Chemical Free
Plastic Free
Carbon Neutral
Quality Guaranteed
People Are Saying

Dream and Tell

"So soft and comforting"

I love that this weighted blanket it cotton and not plush like others I’ve seen— it’s so velvety soft after washing, looks gorgeous and timeless on my bed, and the weight is so pleasant and comforting. So satisfied!!

Grayson S.

"Love my blanket! I get to fully rest"

My experience using my Baloo blanket has been amazing. I impressed to see that now that I go to bed and put on the blanket, I go to sleep very quickly and dream a lot. I guess I hadn't been able to fully rest before...and now when I wake up in the mornings, I don't feel sleepy. It's like I get to complete my sleep cycle more easily with the weight of the blanket. I love it and highly recommend it, especially if you have trouble resting and relaxing.

Ali S.

"Love it!"

What a fun gift to receive. The little things like how nicely it was packaged made it feel so personal and the product is great! The quality is instantly noticeable and I’m sleeping great. I purchased the 15 lb because of lower back pain and am glad I did. I’m a side sleeper and change sides during the night. My lower back pain is often an issue during the mid-sleep flips and I was worried the blanket might make that turn worse, but so far it’s not been an issue. I love this blanket!

Sara D.

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We strongly believe good nights make for good days, and every child is entitled to a good night's sleep. We partner with the Pajama Program, who works through 4,000 community partners across the US—from shelters and group homes to foster care agencies and more—to provide a cozy pair of pajamas and inspiring bedtime books to help children and their caregivers create a reassuring bedtime. 

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