Finding & Following Your Dreams

Episode 153 of Woman Worries with Elizabeth Grojean

Do you feel fulfilled? Have you ever asked yourself what you really want from life—and then taken the time to find the answers? It might take you to surprising places, often places beyond what you ever would have imagined for yourself.

Baloo's founder, Elizabeth Grojean, had the pleasure of joining Elizabeth Cush, LCPC, a licensed professional therapist, on the podcast Woman Worriers, to explore her journey to self-discovery and healing, messages that resonate and the power of women’s entrepreneurship.

Listen to the episode to hear what it’s like to process the tradeoffs involved in making a major life decision and the unexpected things that can happen when we choose from the heart, the critical importance of identifying what feels right and moving forward with it, and so much more!

"I found everything I was looking for in that process of stepping back."

Listen to the full episode at and follow @womanworriers to hear more episodes with Elizabeth Cush!