Curious About Crystals?



Ever wonder how to choose a crystal that best suits your needs at that moment, or better yet — how can you let the crystal choose you? Don't know the best way to cleanse & charge your crystals? Well, don't worry! 

We spoke with Naomi Edwards, a Holistic Health Practitioner (& crystal expert who consulted on Baloo's Sleep Stone Mask!) to get her guidance on making the most of your experience with crystals. Plus, find out her reasoning behind why she recommended the specific crystals for the Sleep Stone Mask and how she uses them in her daily life. 


How do you choose a crystal or how do you let it "choose" you?

  Crystals are very powerful. When it comes to choosing them, it usually comes from an intuitive place. Of course there are many references to find stones for healing something specific, but the best way is to visit a shop and see what you're drawn to. It could be the color, shape, or the energy. You'll want to hold the stone for a few minutes and see what's up. Intuition is sometimes hard to connect to but you'll definitely sense something if you just let go and be open.

Sleep Stone Mask

What are the best practices for cleansing & charging your crystals? 

Cleansing and charging your stones is really important. They absorb and emanate energy so keeping them cleared is the best way to receive all of their properties. The methods I use are Sage, and Moon Light. Smudging with Sage is great for all stones. You'll want to get a good cloud going and then move the crystal through it. (For) moonlight clearing, simply place the stones in the window sill or wherever moonlight will catch them and leave overnight. This cleansing is good for clear crystals such as selenite, rose quartz, or clear quartz. A good way to remember this is that the stones will look like they would illuminate moonlight.

How & why did you chose the crystals for Baloo's Sleep Stone Mask?

 I came to choose (Amethyst, Purple Fluorite, Blue Lace Agate, & Rose Quartz) for Baloo to reduce stress, settle the nervous system, support grounding, and release negative emotions. All the good vibes for peaceful sleep and meditation.


How do you use the 4 crystals in your daily life?

 Amethyst and Blue agate are in my studio, I place them around when seeing a client. Amethyst keeps my energy protected and vibration high. Blue agate calms a room down in an instant, even just looking at it soothes the soul. Purple Fluorite I hold close when meditating, it clears all the chakras but is mostly clearing for the 3rd eye. Rose quartz is usually in my coat pocket, it’s for self love and keeps the heart open and protected.



Get to know Naomi!

Naomi Edwards

Naomi Edwards

Naomi Edwards is a Holistic Health Practitioner who specializes in the art of Self Care through Yoga, Ayurveda and Plant Medicine. Her intention is to guide and inspire individuals back to aligned health. She is the founder of Hillabrant Holistics, a wellness concierge that works within these practices to customize your bespoke health program. Providing an opportunity to enhance healing, reduce pain and enjoy optimal movement, health and serenity.

Naomi was first introduced to crystals by her Dad, who was fascinated by many healing rituals — crystals were a part of his life. The first stone he gave her was a clear quartz for protection.