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Weighted Blanket Covers: The Perfect Addition to Your Weighted Blanket

More and more often, the health and wellness conscious are swearing by the benefits of a weighted blanket, and the magic it can work by using our body chemistry to slow down and relax. This is all well and good, but what about keeping our beloved weighted blanket as good as new, even if we intend to use it every day? 

Enter weighted blanket covers, what you probably didn’t even know you were missing. You may wonder, does my weighted blanket actually need a separate cover? If you cherish that soothing sensation your blanket gives you, you should consider complementing it with a duvet cover to protect it.

Weighted Blanket Duvet Covers: The Basics  

There are so many brands of weighted blankets and weighted blanket duvet covers, but not all are created equal. Remember, the actual dimensions of the duvet cover, the brand, and the raw materials used all play a factor in whether or not the cover is a good match for you and your weighted blanket. 

You might not even be thinking about weighted blanket covers yet if you’re still shopping around for a blanket, but it can make for a practical purchase while adding a touch of beauty.

French Linen for Duvet Covers: The Best Quality Material For Your Blanket

The perfect weighted blanket should come with a great feel all on its own, but adding a cover to spruce up your weighted blanket can soothe you in style. One of our favorite textiles that whispers luxury without showing off is classic linen. 

We love it because it’s a natural fiber that doesn’t come into contact with harmful chemicals. French linen is especially noted for its premium quality, and actually gets softer with more use and washes. Being stronger than cotton, a French linen blanket can last decades or lifetimes if cared for properly, which means weighted blankets draped in this durable yet soft fabric would also last longer.

French linen is also extremely breathable, which is key when considering it as a duvet cover for a weighted blanket. When you cover a weighted blanket, depending on the material, it may hold heat and be less comfortable to use in summer months or if you’re naturally a hot-sleeper, meaning linen is an ideal choice that won’t meddle with your blanket’s positive impact.

Brands of Duvet Covers Do Matter

Because of its status as a hot, fashionable item, many companies and brands have stayed on trend by producing weighted blankets, as well as covers for those blankets. The quality and aesthetic of the covers and blankets will obviously vary, depending on the brand.

When it comes to something you will be sleeping under every night, we recommend investing in a great brand for a duvet cover for your weighted blanket. It could mean buying a cover that drastically makes or breaks the benefits of your blanket. Some brands may fabricate their covers cheaply or without regards to their purpose, specifically that they should hold more weight than a standard duvet and be breathable, if not, they can be rendered useless.

If you find a weighted blanket made by a company that also sells quality duvet covers for those specific blankets, then consider yourself lucky. 

The cover will most likely be tailored to their blankets, and if you’re impressed with the blankets and the brand, the duvet cover should follow suit. You get two birds with one stone: a weighted blanket and cover combo to simultaneously ease your anxiety while pleasing the eyes.

Finding the Right Duvet Cover for Weighted Blanket Needs

Once you’re all set with a weighted blanket, finding a duvet cover for weighted blankets shouldn’t be a burden. You just have to keep a few points in mind before purchasing one so you are positive it’s right for you and your weighted blanket.

Checking Your Assembled Product Dimensions 

This may seem obvious, but the size of your weighted blanket will determine the size of the cover that you need. Because weighted blankets come in different, and often non-standard bed sizes, double-check your blanket size to make sure the cover will fit tightly around it. With the added weight of the blanket, there’s a risk it can move around if the duvet cover isn’t a snug fit.

Take a look at any duvet cover offered by the same company where you’ve found a blanket. That makes finding a blanket and the exact cover to match so much simpler, as they do the work for you! Weight isn’t as relevant, so if you’ve got a 15 or 20 lb blanket, you should pay more attention to the blanket width and length.

If you have a duvet cover from a specific brand that you’re contemplating, you might be looking at covers for a standard blanket size made for a bed; the problem is these sizes do not correspond to weighted blanket measurements. 

Therefore, the best cover for your blanket is probably a cover designed with your blanket and its dimensions specifically in mind.

Construction of the Duvet Cover

If the company has thought out their design, they’ll create duvet covers to be attached directly to the weighted blanket, so your blanket doesn’t shift around or lump up inside the cover. Depending on the maker of the duvet cover, there are a few possibilities in the way the covers attach to the blanket.

Some weighted blankets come with handy little fabric hooks sewn on to the outside of the blanket. These are meant to be paired with a duvet cover that has ties, so you can easily attach the weighted blanket to the cover.

At Baloo Living, we have dedicated much thought and energy to our products, putting our deepest efforts into creating a weighted blanket that helps you settle down at the end of the day, and with its light pressure prompts your body’s nervous system to relax, while getting a mood boost from triggered serotonin production. 

We have also designed an equally well thought-out duvet cover to complement our weighted blanket. The placement of the hooks and ties line up perfectly, to conveniently secure the cover to the blanket, and make attaching the two a piece of cake for you.

At Baloo, we want to provide you with whatever means you need to fashion your happy place, where you can look forward to a peaceful, stress-free cocoon. 

With this in mind, we designed a duvet cover in natural, 100% French linen. Our weighted blanket is attractive and durable enough to stand on its own, as it’s made of premium, chemical-free certified cotton, and filled with lead-free glass beads. The pebble white color is completed with a simple stitch pattern, making it a fresh addition to any room. 

However, we know some of you out there may want to personalize or protect your blanket, which is why with our duvet cover, we didn’t sacrifice any quality or comfort, and preserved our standards of using natural, soft materials just as with our weighted blanket. 

Baloo makes a duvet cover for all personalities, with six different colors: Blush Pink, Oatmeal, Navy, Dove Grey, Charcoal, and a simple White.

Basically, French Linen Duvet Covers are Perfect for Your Weighted Blanket

Protecting your weighted blanket is a smart choice, especially if you want to keep it for a long time or maintain its pristine condition. A duvet cover also helps you avoid having to wash the blanket itself all the time.

On top of that, a cover that actually improves over time and gets softer with each wash, like one made out of French linen, would do more than just protect your blanket. It adds an extra layer of lush comfort, deepening the calming, cozy effects of your blanket while keeping it from showing the typical signs of wear-and-tear.

We aim to ease your mind and body, so a Baloo blanket will wrap you in a snug embrace, and tell your brain to relax and naturally elevate your mood. 

To calm your mind as well, we have also dreamt up the perfect companion in soft, French linen weighted blanket covers, that are easy to wash, get better over time, and conserve your weighted blanket. 

So as your body drifts off into peaceful rest, your mind can rest easy too with our low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing linen duvet covers.

Written by Courtney Moore. Courtney is a freelance writer who focuses on culture, food, and design. When she's not in her adopted town of Barcelona, you'll probably find her getting her fill of Tex-Mex and BBQ back home in Texas.