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Hug blanket – the comforting hug that can calm you and put you to sleep

Hug blanket


Science has proven what people have always sensed is the best therapeutic tool for calming and relaxation - а long and weighty hug. Using the scientific knowledge on how a long hug can affect your whole body-mind system, we designed a powerful therapeutic tool that can provide all the benefits of a comforting hug.

It is the deep pressure touch stimulation (DPT) that is capable of initiating numerous changes in our body that slowly lead to a sense of relief and happiness. The prolonged hugging state that our hug blankets provide has the ability to improve your mood, ease stress, relax you and lead you to a sound sleep.

A hugging blanket is designed to weight 8 to 12% of a person’s body weight. The additional weight in your hug blanket has been recognized as the best sensory tool used by acute psychiatry in helping people ease the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia.

Baloo living hugging blankets

Made from the softest pure cotton fabric, Baloo living hug blanket will wrap around your body in the most gentle and comforting hug. The lead-free glass microbeads securely stored inside your hug blanket, provide the entire magic of the additional weight your nervous system requires in order to feel the benefits of the deep pressure touch. Our hug blankets are intended to perform as a powerful remedy for your body and soul.

Hug your insomnia away with hugging blanket’s powerful hug

It’s not a taboo anymore, we all suffer from mild psychological disorders. The pressure of the frantic society we live in leaves us tired and overwrought. The unnatural living patterns lead us to the disruption of our natural cycle of sleeping. With the words of medical discourse: prolonged stress, anxiety state/disorder, and depression leading to insomnia issues.

Your hug blanket is powerful enough to restore your natural sleep-wake cycle. The magical heavy hug makes just enough pressure to stimulate the nerve endings underneath your skin. That simulation invites the parasympathetic system (the rest and digest response) to take over the body functions. As the simple explanation implies, your body enters into a relaxed and resting state.

As your heart rate slows down your muscles relax and your body enters the state of calmness. This triggers a chain of events that lead to increased secretion of the hormone melatonin. The longer you and your blanket hug the more and more melatonin hormone neurotransmitters flow through your body inviting it to deep sleep.

Hug your hugging blanket whenever you feel stressed and it will hug you back!

The change that the deep pressure touch stimulation triggers through the hug of your hugging blanket provides enormous benefits to your overall well-being. As the parasympathetic system comes online a change in chemical reactions occurs. .

With the power of a hug our hugging blankets can ease anxiety issues

Anxiety state and disorder is a result of prolonged domination of the sympathetic nervous system. As we are under constant stress our body translates it as a danger. In a dangerous situation sympathetic system (fight or flight response) takes over and releases adrenaline hormones. Those chemicals won’t let the body and mind relax or fall asleep.

When the weighted hug of the comforting hug blanket performs the deep pressure touch and the switch between systems occurs, the happy hormones will chase the imaginary danger away. Serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine promote the feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and tranquility. The chemical reactions these neurotransmitters can perform are powerful enough to fight away the worries and stress as long as you return the hug.

Hugging blankets can assist in a deep relaxation

One common practice that people suffering from anxiety issues perform is deep relaxation. They find it beneficial in alleviating anxiety symptoms. When you suffer from anxiety and you are overruled by the sympathetic nervous system, you may find it impossible to achieve a state of relaxation. With the assistance of the hug blanket, you can have a faster and smooth transition. We recommend listening to soothing bowls singing sounds to help you quiet your mind.

Hugging blankets provide the best comforting hug

The overwhelming rollercoaster of emotions we might be experiencing from time to time makes us moody and nervous. We need comfort but often feel irritated by the people around us. Whenever you need a calming hug that won’t judge your “irrational” feelings reach out to your hug blanket. Enjoy the comfort of a hug as you recharge your happiness levels.

Hug your blanket and enjoy a good book and a great hug

As the power of the blanket’s hug relaxes your body and eases your mind you might find you are able to concentrate again. If you struggled to read a book due to your restlessness and poor concentration, just grab your hugging blanket. As it softly hugs you, you’ll feel calm enough and ready to thoroughly enjoy a good book experience.

Double the hugging happiness – hug the blanket and hug your loved one

As the hug blanket relaxes you and triggers your hormones of happiness, you may find bonding a very enjoyable experience once again. Prolonged stress or sleep issues may equally damage your relationship with people as with yourself. Snuggling under a hugging blanket with your loved one will double the hug experience and intensify the feeling of calmness, happiness, satisfaction, and belonging. The longer you enjoy a quality hug, the stronger the shield you build to defend yourself from anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Written by Elizabeth Grojean. Elizabeth founded Baloo Living after experiencing the profound feeling of a weighted blanket. Elizabeth is committed to helping people live more balanced, grounded lives through products that provide gentle support.