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Heavy Cotton Blankets Are Designed for a Heavy Sleep and Cotton Gentle Touch

Heavy cotton blanket


Have you ever laid awake at night, wishing there was something heavy enough to suppress all the restless thoughts and anxious feelings, so you can have a night of peaceful dreams? As you close your eyes you yearn to feel so cozy and comfortable that you couldn’t help but immediately sink into a deep and relaxing sleep. Lucky you, you just discovered the hero of your sleeping fantasies!

A heavy cotton blanket will save the night!

Sleeping with a heavy cotton blanket is like sleeping on the softest cotton clouds. This cotton blanket is heavier than your worries but feather-light to your body. It will transform your sleeping problems into peaceful dreams. A heavy cotton blanket has the ability to stimulate a deep pressure touch that works miracles for your nervous system. The pressure of the cotton heavy blanket does have the ability to trigger changes in your nervous system and provide deep relaxation.  

What is a heavy cotton blanket?

A heavy cotton blanket also known as a weighted blanket or a gravity blanket is an ordinary-looking blanket that is filled with small beads to add to its weight. Baloo Living heavy cotton blankets are made from pure cotton fabric and are filled with lead-free glass microbeads. The cotton heavy blanket is designed to have small pockets that are spread all across the blanket’s surface and filled with microbeads. The additional weight that these microbeads provide applies deep pressure to the body promoting relaxation and calmness.

The effect of the heavy cotton blankets

The explanation behind the therapeutic formula of the heavy cotton blankets is pretty simple and indeed very powerful. The weight of the heavy cotton blanket simulates a comforting hug. The pressure of the cotton heavy blanket hugging sensation stimulates a switch in the functioning of the nervous system. The result is a calming “grounded” feeling that ensures relief and relaxation that leads to restful sleep.

Heavy cotton blanket’s impact on the nervous system

Our autonomic nervous system has its two main divisions – the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. The sympathetic system controls the body’s responses to threats while the parasympathetic system is responsible for the resting function. The deep pressure simulation which comes from the extra weight on your heavy cotton blanket has the ability to switch between divisions. 

Heavy cotton blanket activates the parasympathetic nervous system

The fast-paced lifestyle and everyday stressful situations keep us under constant control of the sympathetic system. This results in restlessness, anxious feeling and disrupted sleeping. When you are resting under your cotton heavy blanket the parasympathetic system takes over decreasing the heart rate, relaxing the muscle and bringing a sense of calmness to the body and mind.

The heavy cotton blanket stimulates hormone secretion

Snuggling under a heavy cotton blanket signals your body that the “danger” is gone. This is an instant trigger to your parasympathetic nervous system. This “rest and digest” response to a calming heavy cotton blanket results in increasing levels of relaxation. 

Boost the melatonin secretion with a heavy cotton blanket

Melatonin is the main hormone that activates the process of sleeping. In order to produce melatonin, your body needs high levels of serotonin. As you are relaxing under your heavy cotton blanket, your parasympathetic system triggers the release of serotonin. The level of the serotonin in the body affects the sleep-wake cycle and is responsible for maintaining an undisrupted sleep. Serotonin, in fact, is a chemical precursor to melatonin. The deep pressure of your heavy cotton blanket will increase the serotonin secretion in order to produce melatonin and lead you to sound sleep.

Heavy blanket’s proven formula dates back from the 20th century

Originally a therapeutic tool, heavy blankets were used to comfort children with severe disorders, like anxiety, autism, and post-traumatic stress disorders. As it is proven that the touch and pressure of another body promote the feeling of safety by triggering the nervous system, heavy blankets were designed to mimic the same safety feeling.  

The commercial use of heavy cotton blankets

As more and more people suffer from anxiety and depression the use of heavy cotton blankets has become more than a therapeutic tool for severe disorders. The increased commercial use of heavy cotton blankets is now perceived as a natural and holistic approach to dealing with common psychological disorders.  

Your heavy cotton blanket is heavier than Insomnia

Insomnia is often a result of the common psychological disorders and stressful lifestyle. On the other hand, the problem with insomnia may lead to the developing of the same disorders – anxiety, depression, restlessness, stress. The deep pressure of the heavy cotton blanket has the ability to deeply suppress insomnia as it gently hugs your body.

Why is the heavy cotton blanket so powerful?

Pressing onto your body, the cotton heavy blanket stimulates the pressure receptors under the skin and triggers a chain of events that put your body in a relaxed state with an intense “grounded” feeling. It is a powerful chemical reaction your restless mind cannot compete with.

How does the cotton add to the heavy blanket formula?

Made with 100% cotton fabric, our heavy blankets are soft and breathable. The cotton fabric adds to the comforting sensation of the heavy blanket as it provides a gentle and smooth skin touch.  

With your heavy cotton blanket you will sleep like a baby!

Our heavy cotton blankets have been a life-changing experience for many of our trusted customers. The use of a heavy cotton blanket will alleviate the symptoms of restlessness no matter what’s causing them. The soft and gentle hug from your cotton heavy blanket will bring your carless childhood memories back.

Heavy cotton blankets are for everyone!

In the technology world that we live in today, we are constantly surrounded by screens. The excessive exposure to light causes disruption of the normal melatonin level. This results in disrupted sleeping and unnatural sleep patterns. The heavy cotton blanket can reduce the side effects of our ever-connected society and provide quality sleep for everyone.

Written by Elizabeth Grojean. Elizabeth founded Baloo Living after experiencing the profound feeling of a weighted blanket. Elizabeth is committed to helping people live more balanced, grounded lives through products that provide gentle support.