Weighted Blanket: 15 or 20 LBS · Full/Queen Size Fit
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Weighted Blanket: 15 or 20 LBS · Full/Queen Size Fit

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Let the gentle pressure of this weighted blanket ground you in your body. The deep pressure touch soothes the nervous system, alleviates stress and anxiety, and increases serotonin production.

  • Orders placed by 2pm PST will ship same day Monday thru Friday. Orders placed on the weekend will ship on Monday. 
  • Measures 60x80 inches, equal to the size of the TOP of a queen size bed (there's no overhang because the weight would pull to the floor.)
  • Your blanket will never bunch or shift - quilted stitching keeps the weighted filling securely in place. 
  • Keep cool with premium, breathable cotton certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 standard to be free of harmful chemicals. 
  • Easy to care for, Baloo blankets can go in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, and the dryer on tumble dry low. 
  • FREE Gift inside! Get links to download three tracks of soothing singing bowl sounds, more than twenty minutes of music to help quiet your mind.
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Can a 15 lb Weighted Blanket Help You Sleep Better?

For decades, people have been using weighted blankets as calming and supporting aids. The brilliant deep touch pressure technology embedded in the fabric grounds the body during sleep. At the same time, it improves the quality of your rest. Even though weighted blankets are not a novel invention on the market, they are quickly becoming a popular choice. In fact, they are the ideal pick for anyone that prefers a more holistic and natural lifestyle. Thus, the creation of the 15 lb weighted blanket by Baloo Living.

What Is a Weighted Blanket?

With over seventy percent of Americans having difficulties falling asleep at least one night a week, it is quite apparent that there is a need for aid. What if that aid came in the form of a soft and gentle 15 lb weighted blanket? If you’re battling insomnia, the weighted blanket could be a game changer during sleepless nights.

The weighted blanket resembles a regular blanket filled with lead-free glass microbeads . At Baloo Living, we make sure that even the fabric is chemical-free breathable cotton. These microbeads are sewn into tiny autonomous pockets, which are evenly dispersed throughout the blanket. That is how we achieve deep touch pressure.

The Results of Using a Weighted Blanket

Today, we have extensive research on the subject that provides you with insight into the positive effects weighted blankets have on people with insomnia. However, the most impressive results come from the many positive experiences people have with the weighted blanket. According to the reviews, the weighted blanket has a beneficial impact on sleep. Above else it makes people feel safe and comfortable in their bed by dispersing anxiety and restlessness that might prevent them from falling asleep.

From the reviews of our customers, the use of a weighted blanket makes an incredible difference if they experience any type of insomnia. In general, sleep feels calmer, and they notice a decrease in movements during the night. The result is that the weighted blanket provides a more comfortable, better quality, and more secure sleep.

The conclusion from this is that a weighted blanket can help you reduce insomnia because of the deep touch pressure stimulation, and at the same time is “an innovative, nonpharmacological approach and complementary tool to improve sleep quality.”

If you’re looking for calmer and deeper sleep during the night, the weighted blanket as a natural option can support you in that pursuit.

The Gentle Grounding Pressure of a Weighted Blanket 15 lbs

If you’re wondering why the weighted blanket 15 lbs can promote better sleep, you should learn more about the effect of deep pressure touch. The weighted blanket for adults features a deep touch pressure technology that simulates the sensation of a touch or a hug. By using a weighted blanket, you’re getting a deep pressure touch stimulation while you’re sleeping or relaxing. This type of stimulus relaxes the nervous system and encourages serotonin production; you MAY sleep better and FEEL a significant mood boost.

By mimicking the “hugging” effect, your body feels calmer and more comfortable during sleep. At the same time, you may feel grounded and soothed. In fact, the best way to label the effects and use of a weighted blanket is to embrace it as a part of your self-care routine. The best way to function during the day is to get a good night’s sleep.

Should You Choose a 20 lb Weighted Blanket?

At Baloo Living, we offer you two options: a 15 lb weighted blanket and a 20 lb weighted blanket. Even though it comes down to personal preferences, we’re going to provide you with the general guidelines that might help you with your choice.

The recommended body weight for a 15 lb weighted blanket is from 120 lbs to 170 lbs. On the other hand, the recommended body weight for a 20 lb weighted blanket is from 170 lbs to 220 lbs or more. Given that weighted blankets are heavier than others by their nature, the configurations should dovetail with your body weight to achieve optimal results.

Each person should consider their unique preferences when choosing a weighted blanket. However, if you need additional information, you can take a look at our Infographic , which will provide you with helpful and specific info you may want to consider.

Who Should Try a Weighted Blanket 20lbs?

Using a weighted blanket is a form of self-care. It is a natural way for you to add comfort and calmness in your sleeping and relaxing routine. However, even though we think that everyone can benefit from deep touch pressure stimulation, some people might benefit from a weighted blanket more than most. Here are our recommendations for people that would benefit the most from a weighted blanket 20lbs.

If you’re:

  • Having difficulties with insomnia and falling asleep
  • Elevated stress and anxiety, especially if that seems normal for you
  • Experiencing mental health challenges
  • If you feel like additional security and comfort would be helpful to you during the night, the weighted blanket is a marvelous idea. By lowering the cortisol levels and stimulating the production of serotonin in your body, you will feel relaxed and rested when you wake up from your deep sleep. This means that a weighted blanket may effectively function as a chemical free mood booster! The weighted blanket is a support mechanism for people that experience anxiet or have insomnia, meaning it may be the perfect tool for ACHIEVING a natural state of balance.

One might presume that weighted blankets work as anxiety blankets for people that want to reduce the stress levels in their life.

The Benefits of a 20 lb Weighted Blanket for Adults

As you already concluded, the benefits of using a 20 lb weighted blanket for adults are many, from better and deeper sleep to reduced cortisol levels in the body. This leads to lower stress levels, mood improvement and an overall feeling of rejuvenation. 

However, if you think that a 20lb weighted blanket is too heavy, you can always choose the lighter 15 lb weighted blanket. It’s up to you!