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Reduce Travel Anxiety with These Thoughtful Female Founded Brands

Finally, summer has made its arrival and we’re smack dab in the middle of it, which means those vacation days we’ve been setting aside all year are fast approaching. The excitement that makes us count down the days until our trip can also turn into anxiety. Travel can be one of the most stressful things that we do, even if the destination is heavenly. Here are some products that we love that are all created by women entrepreneurs to make travel feel smoother.

Orez Lifestyle Water Bottle

This is a beautiful and functional water bottle that can keep you hydrated and take care of the environment at the same time. Keep your skin looking fresh and your energy levels high with this water bottle on hand, and you’ll be ready to start your vacation without missing a beat. 

We love Orez not only for its looks, but also for its founders’ mission. Ana Pincus and Ramona Barnes started their company offering eco-friendly products in an effort to build a zero waste lifestyle for their families (zero spelled backwards = Orez!) while promoting more purposeful living for us all. The bamboo-topped glass Orez water bottle is without a doubt the most stylish way to stay hydrated.

Nidra Sleep Mask

This lightweight, perfectly contoured sleep mask will soothe the stress away and help you sleep while you travel. The Nidra mask is unique because it forms to your face without feeling heavy or uncomfortable. 

Nidra was created by Mona Motwani with personal well-being in mind, and the goal to help you get the deep sleep your body needs. Mona’s own personal journey with illness and work as a human rights attorney led her to appreciate the importance of self-care and the small things we can do to nurture ourselves. 

Snacks from Elemental Superfood

Gluten, dairy, and sugar free, these seedbars and crumbles are packed full of raw, organic ingredients, and a delicious and healthy way to satisfy hunger when you travel. Junk food can make you feel jittery, bloated, and downright crummy. With Elemental seedbars, you’ll avoid sugar highs and subsequent lows, and keep your mood level while on the road. 

 Elemental Superfood was created by Nicole Anderson after seeing how her daughter struggled with many food allergies, and seeing the resultant positive impact that healthy nourishment had on her physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. The company was “born from necessity, continued with love,” which is what has inspired Elemental to spread their philosophy of clean living and a healthy diet for overall wellness.   

Baloo 12 lb 'Mini' Weighted Blanket

Whether you’re curled up in the passenger’s seat ready for a road trip, on the plane mid-flight, or already a couple days on your vacation and ready to hit the hay at the hotel, the comforting hug of the Baloo Mini provides an immediate sense of peace, while soothing anxiety. The Mini is the perfect travel companion--with its compact size, you can take it with you anywhere you go so that you always get a good night’s sleep, as if you were in your own bed. Trips themselves can be stressful, but when you have a Mini you don’t have to leave your weighted blanket at home. 

Baloo was born from founder Elizabeth Grojean's experience of disconnecting from a fast-paced, modern life to heal her overworked nervous system through a sabbatical in Bali. Upon experiencing the soothing feeling of a weighted blanket, she realized it was as profound a healing method as any she had ever tried; Elizabeth was inspired to share this experience through eco-friendly materials and business practices, to help others access the grounding, peaceful, and healing experience of deep sleep. 

Wishing you smooth and hassle-free travel this summer! We’re sure with the right nutrition, hydration, and sleep, you’ll arrive from your travels ready for the ultimate in fun and relaxation.

Written by Courtney Moore